VUE Cinema West 12 Shepherds Bush Green London W12 8PP


Horror Channel Screen 11.00am - Arrow Screen 1.45pm - Splice Media Screen 4.30pm.




Kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy diamond distributor in Cape Town. But when they have her locked up in their hideout and prepare to issue their ransom demands, they realise too late that she’s been possessed by a sinister and very powerful demon. A stylish supernatural suspense, directed with clear genre assurance and featuring a killer role by Australian scream queen Sharni Vinson, a past FrightFest guest with YOU’RE NEXT and PATRICK.

Director: Alastair Orr. Cast: Sharni Vinson, Carlyn Burchell, Steve John Ward, Zino Ventura. South Africa 2016. 90 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 1.30pm - Arrow Screen 4.15pm - Splice Media Screen 11.30am.



The impressive feature debut from rising British star Ben Parker, director of the acclaimed short SHIFTER. A special ops unit commandeer a commercial research vessel and it’s submersible, The Aurora, under the command of Captain Mats (FORCE MAJEURE star Johannes Kuhnke) to locate a mysterious item at the bottom of the Yellow Sea off the dangerous shores of the Korean Peninusla. When an explosion causes the sub to overturn and take on water, the four-man crew enter a pressure cooker situation. And when the stark horror dawns that not all of them will escape, a desperate fight for survival ensues.

Director: Ben Parker. Cast: Charlotte Salt, Johannes Kuhnke, Christian Hillborg, Elliot Levey, James McArdle. UK 2016. 88 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 4.00pm - Arrow Screen 11.15am - Splice Media Screen 2.00pm.



Some family ties are meant to be broken. From Chris Sparling, writer of BURIED and director of THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, an unbearably tense home invasion chiller with a killer twist. Two sets of estranged half-brothers return to their childhood home to say a last goodbye to their mother on her deathbed. Soon hidden motives are revealed fuelled by old hurts and current relationship strains that get tested further when shocking secrets from their mother’s past are revealed. And so begins a restless, stressful, edgy night that goes terribly awry when everyone is suddenly thrust into a fight for survival.

Director Chris Sparling. Cast: James Wolk, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Tom Lipinski, Dan Ziskie, Michael Godere. USA 2016. 90 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 6.15pm - Arrow Screen 9.15pm - Splice Media Screen 11.30pm.




The fantasy genre returned to the top of the Italian box-office this year with director Gabriele Mainetti’s wonderful combo of DEADPOOL and THE TOXIC AVENGER creating a splendid Spaghetti superhero. Small-time crook Enzo uses the superpowers gained after falling in the contaminated River Tiber to take revenge on The Gypsy, a deranged gangster causing criminal chaos in Rome.  When he falls in love with unstable Alessia, who brightens her dark world with vintage episodes of the Japanese anime TV series ‘Jeeg Robot’, Enzo learns the value of what it means to help others and become a cosmopolitan role model.

Director: Gabriele Mainetti. Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Luca Marinelli, Ilenia Pastorelli, Stefano Ambrogi, Aurizio Tesei. Italy 2016. 118 mins.





Horror Channel Screen 9.00pm - Arrow Screen 11.55pm - Splice Media Screen 6.45pm.



A darkly unpredictable psychological thriller, PET is bound to stir up strong un-caged emotions. Socially awkward Seth (LORD OF THE RINGS star Dominic Monaghan) works diligently at an animal shelter. One day he sees old schoolmate Holly on a bus and tries to rekindle the acquaintance. But the waitress is just coming off a failed relationship and isn’t remotely interested. Realising his feelings will never be reciprocated the stalker takes drastic action to find a new way of showing his crush how much she needs him in her life. A twisted tale of obsession and complexities of the human condition.

Director: Carles Torrens. Cast: Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Parsons, Gary J. Tunnicliffe. USA/Spain 2016. 90 mins




Horror Channel Screen 11.15pm - Arrow Screen 6.30pm - Splice Media Scree 9.30pm.



Argentine horror steps into a bold new dimension with Daniel de la Vega’s grisly supernatural shocker. Scripted by Latin American genre pioneers Adrian and Ramiro Garcia Bogliano, lift the lid of WHITE COFFIN for a thrilling combo of deft Hammer homage, potent Roger Corman references and nostalgic WICKER MAN chills.  When Virginia’s young daughter is abducted on a stressful road trip, a sinister car accident grants her one more day to intervene with fate. But on her momentous path she finds out there are worse things than death in a seat-edged tale of after-death resurrection, occult ritualism and unspeakable purpose.

Director: Daniel de la Vega. Cast: Julieta Cardinali, Rafael Ferro, Eleonora Wexler, Damián Dreizik. Argentina 2016. 75 mins




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