VUE Cinema West 12 Shepherds Bush Green London W12 8PP


Horror Channel Screen 10.45am - Arrow Screen 1.30pm - Splice Media Screen 4.15pm.




‘The Walking Dead’ meets JURASSIC WORLD in a fast-paced, gory horror from OUTPOST franchise director Steve Barker. In the aftermath of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, rich holidaymakers can visit a luxury theme park where every paying guest has a license to kill the captive undead in organised Zombie Safaris. Such Zafaris are the ultimate blood sport experience and for many much-needed therapeutic revenge for suffering horrendous family losses. When the security system crashes at The ReZort, unleashing hordes of bloodthirsty Zee’s on the unprepared holiday makers, it’s up to enigmatic, former zombie hunter Archer (square-jawed Dougray Scott) to save the day.

Director: Steve Barker. Cast: Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Martin McCann, Bentley Kalu, Jass Ahluwalia. Spain/UK 2016. 93 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 1.15pm - Arrow Screen 4.00pm - Splice Media Screen 11.30am.



The director of REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA and SAW II-IV returns with a nightmarish mystery based on the popular series of graphic novels haunting the netherworlds between bloody supernatural horror and hardboiled neo-Noir. After the death of her sister and nephew, real-estate investigative reporter Julia uncovers the sinister truth behind a series of gruesome murders where the entire killing rooms have been dismantled and pulled from their foundations. It seems a strange man has been buying up locations where such tragedies have occurred - but why? The answers lead Julia and tough cop Grady on a search into unimaginable horror.

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman. Cast: Joe Anderson, Jessica Lowndes, Michael Paré, Lin Shaye, Bryan Batt. USA 2016. 98 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 3.45pm - Arrow Screen 11.00am - Splice Media Screen 1.45pm.



A soulful and darkly humorous blend of David Cronenberg-style body horror and freewheeling Amblin satire, this beguiling and highly unusual fantasy asks the all-important question: can we kill our demons before they kill us? After holding on to romantic heartbreak for several years, Paul (‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Johnny Galecki) decides to reboot his life, joining a spiritual mountain retreat designed to cleanse debilitating toxins and emotional baggage from his body. But events go from hippie dippy to ultra weird when Paul and his fellow patients discover the repulsive cleansing process releases something far greater than traumatic experiences.


EXTRA - FrightFest wouldn’t be the same without its added attractions. THE MASTER CLEANSE will be preceded by the World Premiere trailer promo for Mike Mort’s NIGHT OF THE TRAMPIRES, the feature film version of the very well received CHUCK STEEL RAGING BALLS OF STEEL JUSTICE. Mike Mort will be on hand to introduce.

Director: Bobby Miller. Cast: Johnny Galecki, Anjelica Houston, Oliver Platt, Anna Friel, Kevin J. O’Connor. USA 2016. 81 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 6.00pm - Arrow Screen 8.30pm - Splice Media Screen 11.15pm.




Director: Koji Shiraishi. Cast: Mizuki Yamamoto, Aimi Satsukawa, Tina Tamashiro, Masanobu Ando, Misato Tanaka. Japan 2016. 98 mins.

THE RING meets THE GRUDGE as two legendary icons of Japanese horror clash for the supernatural battle of the year to decide which worst fear is truly the worst. Yuri discovers a dusty videotape stuck in an old VCR and watching it with her friend Natsumi realise they are doomed to die by Sadako’s hand after the dreaded phone call. In another part of town Suzuka has wandered into the haunted Saeki house making her the target of the cursed Kayako. Can the students combine their predicaments to finally ghostbust into oblivion the infamous spectres? The ultimate face-off exorcism begins.




Horror Channel Screen 8.15pm - Arrow Screen 11.00pm - Splice Media Screen 6.30pm.


Following their father’s mysterious disappearance, two estranged brothers reunite to liquidate his business, a video store specialising in horror movies. Digging through all the fire sale stock, they find an old VCR board game entitled ‘Beyond the Gates’. Deciding to play the obscure game for a laugh, they soon realise it holds the connection to their father’s vanishing and the deadliest of consequences for anyone who dares fool around with it. The highly anticipated debut from Jackson Stewart, former assistant to Stuart Gordon, and co-written with Stephen Scarlata (JODOROWSKY’S DUNE), this throwback paranormal fantasy also features horror legend Barbara Crampton.

Director: Jackson Stewart. Cast: Graham Skipper, Sara Malakul Lane, Brea Grant, Justin Welborn, Barbara Crampton. USA 2016. 86 mins.





Horror Channel Screen 10.45pm - Arrow Screen 6.15pm - Splice Media Screen 9.00pm.


Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror. Again! Prepare to be totally shocked by the even more gruesomely gory remake of the landmark 1963 original. Fuad Ramses and his family have moved to France where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts at the Museum of Ancient Egyptian culture. During the long, lonely nights he is drawn to a statue of the goddess Ishtar, which soon speaks to him in visions sending him on a rampage of murder and cannibalism and the preparation of another ritual blood feast.

Director: Marcel Walz. Cast: Robert Rusler, Sophie Monk, Caroline Williams, Sadie Katz, Liliana Nova. USA 2016. 90 mins.





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