VUE Cinema West 12 Shepherds Bush Green London W12 8PP


Horror Channel Screen 10.45am - Arrow Screen 1.15pm - Splice Media Screen 4.00pm.




From the director of the hugely controversial HIDDEN IN THE WOODS duo comes a new supernatural shocker. BMX BANDITS meets H.P. Lovecraft in Patricio Valladares latest chiller from Chile. After his best friend dies in a racing accident, retired biker star Joe agrees to get back on two-wheels for an exhibition contest. On a test run with his girlfriend Stephanie, they stumble upon a badly injured man dying from a mysterious virus, and they become the target of a group of relentless killers ready to do anything to keep their demonic sect a secret from the rest of the world.

Director: Patricio Valladres. Cast: Natalie Burn, Ignacia Allamand, Ariel Levy, Bryce Draper, Luke Massy. Chile 2016. 85 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 1.00pm - Arrow Screen 3.45pm - Splice Media Screen 11.15am.



In 1992, the State of Texas executed Johnny Frank Garrett for the rape murder of a nun. Some believed he was innocent; others felt that, given his mental illness, the death penalty was unjust. At his execution a decade later, a bitter Johnny cast a curse on those who convicted him – and almost immediately the premature deaths of those involved started happening. Coincidence? Or supernatural revenge from beyond the grave? An ex-juror, convinced the wrong man was punished, sets out to posthumously exonerate Johnny and hopefully halt the unexplained demises in another uniquely eerie frisson from British visionary Simon Rumley.

Director: Simon Rumley. Cast: Mike Doyle, Erin Cummings, Sean Patrick Flanery, Devin Bonnee, Dodge Prince. USA 2016. 95 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 3.30pm - Arrow Screen 11.00am - Splice Media Screen 1.45pm.



A stunning tour-de-force by director Shaun Robert Smith featuring brilliantly fearless performances, especially from MARTYRS star Morjana Alaoui this unique thriller is a 2016 highlight. In England to make a fresh start after a harrowing childhood, Evie takes a job as an agency carer and is quickly placed with tetraplegic patient John. But looking after the bitter former rock star and his excessive demands is emotionally and physically draining. Forced to go beyond the call of duty and tormented by her past shame, an explosive clash of personalities ensues and it’s only a matter of time before someone terrifyingly snaps.

Director: Shaun Robert Smith. Cast: Morjana Alaoui, Mel Raido, Craig Conway, Patrick Toomey, Stephanie Thomas. UK 2016. 98 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 6.15pm - Arrow Screen 6.30pm - Splice Media Screen 6.45pm.




From the extraordinary mind of acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Mateo Gil, screenwriter of VANILLA SKY, THE SEA INSIDE, THESIS and director of BLACKTHORN, comes a provocative reflection on immortality where the emphasis rests on the emotional and psychological ramifications of reanimating the dead. Seventy years after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Marc becomes the first resuscitated cryogenic body in history as part of Project Lazarus. But readjusting to life as a human lab rat in an alien and antiseptic future proves difficult and the idyllic existence he dreamed of before dying seems unattainable in this modern and heartfelt spin on FRANKENSTEIN.


EXTRA - FrightFest wouldn’t be the same without its added attractions. REALIVE will be preceded with actress, director and writer Alice Lowe introducing the world premiere exclusive footage from her revenge saga PREVENGE.

Director: Mateo Gil. Cast: Tom Hughes, Charlotte Le Bon, Oona Chaplin, Barry Ward, Julio Perillan. Spain/France 2016. 112 mins.




Horror Channel Screen 8.45pm - Arrow Screen 8.30pm - Splice Media Screen 9.00pm.




Horror icon and hard rocker Rob Zombie returns with an ultra-violent grindhouse infused slasher directed with his inimitable balls-to-the-wall style and extreme fan-boy sensibility. A camper van of carnival workers are kidnapped in the middle of nowhere by a trio of debauched decadents. Set loose in a derelict factory compound full of creepy passages containing nasty traps, the abductors led by Father Murder place bets on who will survive the longest in a 12-hour period of pain and maim against an array of sadistic clowns with such clear-cut nicknames as Psycho-Head, Sick-Head, Death-Head and Sex-Head. You have been warned!

Director: Rob Zombie. Cast: Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Torsten Vosges, Meg Foster. USA 2016. 104 mins.




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