Director: Jordan Rubin. With: Alex Essoe, John Brotherton, Christopher Matthew Cook, Rex Linn. USA 2019. 82 mins.


WORLD PREMIERE - From Jordan Rubin, director of ZOMBEAVERS, starring Alex Essoe from STARRY EYES, a tongue-in-chic horror comedy with wicked scares, fun kills and comments on current consumerism. Just before the police break into his home, serial killer The Violator invokes black magic and downloads his soul into the commercial drone he used to stalk victims. Finding the abandoned drone while moving into their new house, just-married Rachel and Chris are happy to claim the smart technology as their own. But then the neighbours start disappearing, mysterious emails appear and they gradually realise the full horror of adopting the psychotic equipment.


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WORLD PREMIERE - DAUGHTER OF DISMAY. Director : James Quinn. With : Ieva Agnostiç, Krist Mort, Dajana Rajiç. Austria, 9 mins. The first narrative short film in the history of cinema to be shot in 70mm IMAX, Daughter of Dismay tells the story of a witch, a broken woman, wandering through the deep of the European woods, going through extremes to retain what was her most beloved, leading to a heartbreaking and sinister finale. The film stars Ieva Agnostiç and Dajana Rajiç and features a crew of Hollywood veterans, people who've worked on The Hateful Eight, Dunkirk, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, Insidious and The Conjuring, including a triple Academy Award winner.



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