Edgar Wright Presents DON'T LOOK NOW/CARRIE Double Bill

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Post by giles edwards » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:29 pm

Team Banzai wrote:DISAGREE - DON't LOOK NOW is possibly my favourite "horror" film ever...

perhaps it was the time in life that i first watched it, i was around 10 or 12 and somehow me mum and dad let me watch it on tv... i could not get the final images out of my head and i had to go and sleep in their bed for the night. in fact i STILL cannot watch the last sequence without covering my eyes!

a brilliant, hypnotic, shattering film - but to each their own..
Indeed, it’s an *amazing* piece of work – totally influential (cf Out Of Sight and a dozen other temporally-fragmented sequences of the post-modern era), genuinely terrifying and, with regards to the whole opening section, through the appearance of Julie Christie on the boat and beyond, a narrative thread that leads to an utterly devastating climax, really unlike any other horror film of the last 35 years. Shyamalan’s (well-orchestrated) manipulation seems even more transparent when up against this.

It’s also one of the saddest pictures ever made, oozing tragic fatalism and tremulous unease throughout every lovingly shot frame, from that wrenching opening through the emotionally charged love scenes and menacing, always enclosing Venice streets to the truly shocking climax. It’s a masterclass of foreshadowing too. And yeah, the Pino Donnagio score is one for the ages.
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Post by rawshark » Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:07 pm

Fair enough - I take on board everyone's comments (I knew my post might offend some), but I guess it was slightly ruined for me seeing that it has been massively hyped as hugely influential and the fact that pretty much everyone now knows the ending whether they've seen it or not..

It is a shame as I really wanted to like it so much, but in the end, although I quite like and admire it, it left me cold...

I guess it's also worth noting that the second film, Carrie, received a big applause at the film's closing credits, whereas Don't Look Now received only a smattering of claps..

But hey, maybe on a second viewing a couple of years from now I'll get more out of it, cos I would like to give it a second chance one day...
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