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Spencer wrote:fuck me , i must be in the minority
Apparently not, judging by the replies on this thread. I'm quite surprised at the level of anti-Saw feeling there is :(

The logical place to have ended the series would have been after part 3 (if there had to be sequels at all). But seeing as they decided to continue, I say "why the feck not?" and just enjoy them as they come. (Though part 4 was proper crap) People who aren't interested are quite right to just steer clear.

I have to say I thought this one was actually quite good, probably my second favourite after the original.
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I will get round to see iSaw VI eventually but in all honesty I really like the DVD boxes more than the films! I've got one with a whizzy saw and one with a tape of the message and music and we play them all at the same time - so much fun!
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