Trying to identify a TV show..

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Walking Dead
Walking Dead
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Trying to identify a TV show..

Post by world_of_skin »

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to identify a TV show for somebody but they've only given me slightly(/very) sketchy information to go on, as so many years have passed since they originally caught bits and pieces of it..

They think it was on TV around 2000, possibly give or take a year or so, or, er, more(!).. err.. they *think* that characters blacked out / fell unconscious for a period of time, for whatever reason, and when they woke up, there were zombies/creatures about? They distinctly remember the underground being involved and.. something about dogs?

Haha, how vague is that?!

Ring any bells for anyone at all? Even anything that sounds similar, since even the few details that *are* there may still be incorrect? Zombie-things on the underground, around 2000 or so, is probably the right lead to go with...

Any help greatly appreciated!
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giles edwards
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by giles edwards »

Was it The Last Train?

A meteor hits earth while a commuter train is in a tunnel, there's some kind of sci-fi device on the train which freezes all the passengers in stasis until they thaw out decades (I think) later. The whole country’s turned into an Enzo G. Castellari post-apocalypse film. Or, you know, Reign Of Fire without the dragons.

Was better on paper than the quite dreary execution which was more soap than shock.
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Hello Doris!
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Post by Hello Doris! »

Last Train kicked ass! Urgh want to watch it again now you've mentioned it :D
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