Before Paranormal Activity... In Memorium!

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Before Paranormal Activity... In Memorium!

Post by sherbetbizarre »

Paranormal Activity is following the same pattern as The Blair Witch Project ten years previous... small US release that builds and builds, arriving on a wave of hype in Europe.

After Blair Witch came The Last Broadcast, a similar "found footage" movie that was actually shot before Blair Witch, and may have even been the influence.

Now something similar has happened:

Paranormal Activity: shot in 2006
In Memorium: shot in 2005

Two months after being diagnosed with terminal cancer,
Dennis Wade, a struggling filmmaker, decides to document
his illness. Still free from symptoms, he and his girlfriend,
Lily, sublet a house and install motion-triggered security
cameras throughout.

Two days later...the cameras capture something unsettling:
Noises and movement in empty rooms. The next morning,
Dennis' cancer begins to advance at an inexplicable rate.

As Dennis worsens by the day, he and Lily discover the
horrific source of the disturbances. With his time running out,
they must make a decision: Leave the house and save her
life...or stay…and save his.
Here's the offical website with short trailer:

Some more clips:

Release In Memorium petition: ... nMemorium/

And a review of one of the few screeners sent out... ... eview.html
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Post by odishon »


This seems to happen quite a bit in the film world where two films of a fairly unique subgenre get made around the same time. Always leaves one wondering if one pinched the idea off the other.

Deathwatch (2002) and The Bunker (2001) comes to mind.
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Post by krispyg »

I'd like to see this too, I thought PA was amazing as it scared the hell out of me and there is very little that does, the last film that got that reaction was [rec]
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