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Re: horror magazines

Post by cyberschizoid » Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:56 pm

If you're in the UK, the only place you can find horror magazines now are in the specialist shops like The Cinema Store and Forbidden Planet.

WH Smith are shit and only stock DVD & Blu-Ray World, which has admittedly improved a bit recently.
Apart from the awful Gorezone, I don't think there are any British horror magazines left.

However, if you can order online or go to the above mentioned stores, "Rue Morgue" is HIGHLY recommended. THe best horror mag on the market.
An American mag called "SCREEM" is also a bloody good read and "Horror Hound" has great coverage of 80's horror.

Magazines are definately still alive and kicking and a good mag isn't just about the latest news anyway these days, more about in-depth articles, interviews and cool pictures that no-one in their right mind could be bothered to try and read on some crappy website.

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