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Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:10 pm
by soulmining
Yeah, I saw Basic It-stinked 2 at the weekend and you're right - it was neither erotic nor thrilling. Aside from a 15 minute spell towards the end which was chock full of hilarious dialogue it was just bad-bad movie making rather than a so-bad-it's-funny experience.

I did a double bill with Firewall, another dead cert stinker. When will movie people learn that computer-based thrillers are not exciting to watch? And Harrison Ford looks so old now... surely they can't make Indy 4 now? And why did the baddies keep take the dog in the van too, it made no sense...

Sometimes I really hate myself.

Now when's Alien Autopsy out?

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 4:38 pm
by Alex Kidd
I had the misfortiune of watching Alien Autopsy last night, it's really bad, not funny, not interesting, and has the worst non-ending I've seen in a long time, it just fizzles out. Harry Dean Stanton got the biggest laugh.

Avoid it.

Yeah the dog stuff in Firewall was stupid, in fact the entire film was stupid, worst bunch of kinappers ever assembled.

its no Harold and Kumar but...

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:26 pm
by ghouldrool
just got back from a free screening of Scary Movie 4. A "multi media" screenign so i can only assume that it was for reviewers. Ian and Alan were in attendance and alan was clearly not expecting much,,,, though it soon became clear that these types of screenings are not exempt from the kind of squads of idiots you wish would shut up and remember they arent witty

i thought this flick was funny. and i wasnt expecting much of it at all Sure its no Harold and Kumar or Calamari Wrestler, but after the toilet water that was scary movie 3 i(one good line = "my dream is to have a dream") t was good to see them go back to near spot on spoofing. At some points its too slapstick (pratfalls and headbangs..oooo spare my ribs) but theres also some great poor taste stuff too...

on a different note why do the tv channels only show stuff worth watching after 10? example would be last night with Prison Break at 10 then Morgan Spurlocks 30 days even later...

sigh Prison Break sure is no Lost or 24 ...mmmmm 24.. but its better than it has any right to be, though the lead character is FAR to pretty to have made it past the first episode with out needing some serious rectal soothing... ahh how good wud this have been had it been more like the much missed/feared OZ..

less than two weeks till the new Dr Who (i can only hope they feature less of Jackie, less of RTD's sexual innuendo and northenisms) and its looking good so far.. damn that was a cool werewolf in that trailer....

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:33 pm
by streetrw
Alex Kidd wrote:I had the misfortiune of watching Alien Autopsy last night....
A few weeks ago when the posters went up:

Usherette: Will you be seeing that one?
Me: Oh, try and stop me.
Usherette: Yes, it's got Ant and Dec in it.
Me (reading the names on the poster closer): Ah. You just stopped me.

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:50 pm
by ScreamQueen
The biggest sign Alien Autopsy will suck?

Ant and Dec's previous acting experience was Biker Grove. 'Nuff said.

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 12:05 am
by AndyJWS
Started here this week, from what I have seen isn't all that bad - certainly better than The Shaggy Dog as far as Easter Holidays programming goes! And to counter your Biker Grove, I give you Chums - genuinely funny short-format spoof TV... needless to say, if you don't like Ant and Dec it's really not worth bothering anyway!

Saw The Dark this week, flawed but interesting, the alternate ending (R1 DVD) is much better than the one in the standard cut of the film though. The whole "Annwyn"/Annwn (the latter is actually correct) seemed to have been "fixed" in post production so seemed a little awkward, but anyone not from Wales probably won't notice :wink:

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 12:51 am
by ScreamQueen
And to counter your Biker Grove, I give you Chums - genuinely funny short-format spoof TV...
hehe, ok, you got me there. CHUMS was great *nostalgic sigh* I miss SM:TV...


Uh, what I mean is... ooooh, The Dark, eh? I've been wondering how Mr Bean 'does' in this, considering we have another horror performance coming from him shortly in the shape of Silent Hill.

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 7:49 am
by Guest
The film what I just saw was also The Dark, this has kinda been slaughtered in the press and yes, there maybe are a few too many mysterious noises coming from 'nowhere', but they do work. The ending was a little confused (as was I), but overall a film worth seeing, just try not to pay too much for your ticket. As in, chuck a sickie and go at lunch time!!

Also saw Transamerica, which was better than I'd expected, just not sure I can take Felicity Huffman's performance to seriously, tis a bit 'Tootsie'.

The film waht I just saw

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 12:48 pm
by videodrome
The last 'new' film I watched (not counting ED2 about 10 mins ago) was 'The Cave' OMG it was truly, truly appalling.
I loved 'The Descent' and The Cave was it's 'very special' in-bred cousin.
I actually nodded off for maybe 5 mins halfway through (I think , I lost track of all time during the movie) to wake up, and for a happy couple of moments think they were nearly all dead..only to witness the most horrific bit....they were all still alive, bar the guy that bit it in the first 20mins. Truly, truly terrifying in it's shiteness.

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 12:13 am
by streetrw
Just watched Virus. Not the Jamie Lee Curtis "Robots On A Boat" movie, but the 1980 Japanese apocalypse thriller with George Kennedy, Chuck Connors and Robert Vaughn. I'd seen it about 20 years ago on video (Intervision, I think) and it showed up in one of those boxes of cheapo SF movies you can get from The Works shops. Watching it now, I found I'd forgotten absoloutely everything about it.

I'm a sucker for End-Of-The-World stuff - Day of the Triffids, The Omega Man - and this one is pretty entertaining. Maybe the time is ripe for a big-budget remake....

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 12:35 am
by STun
Watched an American Haunting the other night.

It was dire.

Terrible. And boring. Not scary in the slightest. And then when the unnecessarily gratuitous 'twist' came along, I just cringed big time. It just made no sense (especially in reference to the 'haunting' scenes) and was a waste of talent (Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland have done much better in my opinion).

Has anybody else seen this? If you haven't, don't, as I felt it was a waste of time, talent and good money.

The only good bit or shot in the whole movie was watching a carriage crash into a tree sending it spinning 360 degrees into the air.

I hope somebody agrees with me on this.

Roll on Silent Hill, Slither, and obviously those SNAKESSS ON A PLANE!

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 12:22 pm
by lupogirl
Have to agree with Stun on some points

Had a double film day recently.

Scary Movie 4: :lol:

I found it dumb fun entertaining. I did have a giggle at some certain scenes and like always lots of film in jokes. It is recommeded you see The Village and The Grudge as the endings is given away in this film

then went to see ...

The American Haunting.. :(

There was at least 1 or 2 slight jumps. The story did remind me a bit of the Exorcism of Emily Rose and the twist ending was cringing and made no real sense to the apparent hauntings. The carriage crash was stunning. Totaly unexpected. Good cast, wasted in this film.

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 6:36 pm
by soulmining
What is it about April? Distributors offloading their 'crap' before the 'blockbuster' Summer season kicks in next month?

After the soul-destroying double-bill of Basic Instinct 2 and Firewall I wasn't holding out much hope for the rest of this month's genre releases...

In fact Alien Autopsy wasn't too bad. Made me curious to find out the 'real' story more than anything else.

Just returned from a double-bill of An American Haunting and The Dark: The former was pretty standard stuff but I was kept entertained by the dodgy accents and some laughably bad acting from the supporting cast (especially the guy who used to be in those lager ads...) - and yeah, it was a really stupid plot twist; The Dark I really quite enjoyed... nicely directed, strong performances, and the plot held together surprisingly well... until the over-confusing (and unnecessary) last five minutes which rather spoilt it. Would love to know why they changed the ending from something that made sense to this! And it didn't quite do for sheep what Jaws did for sharks, like the director promised us!!

Saw the trailer for When A Stranger Calls too... can't believe that hasn't come out this month, it looks dreadful...

Oh well, maybe Silent Hill and Slither can turn things around! I don't think even I dare face Scary Movie 4...

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 8:17 pm
by lupogirl
Trailer for Silent Hill looks rather creepy. Hopefully it has the same tension as the game. With regards to the sound effects which really gave me the creeps.

Can't wait for Silent Hill and Slither. Hope they are good!!!!! :shock:

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:14 pm
by jimbo
It's not horror or anything, but Inside Man is a rock-solid, great heist movie, with a real 70s New York vibe. Thoroughly enjoyed it, I'd recommend it to anyone who just wants to see a decent, well written, directed and acted movie (which have been thin on the ground lately).

Silent Hill this Friday! Woohoo!