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Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 7:00 pm
by soulmining
Another double-bill for me last night... wasn't expecting much from either film after poor reviews but in both cases was pleasantly surprised:

Nacho Libre - It took me about 20mins to get into the film but then it just got better and better. Really authentic 60s look and feel to it... very warm-hearted and made with a lot of love... one or two just odd moments (the tunnelling lady, the cob-in-the-eye...) and seemingly improvised in places. Much better from Jack Black after King Kong. Oh yes, and it had midget wrestling too! What more does a film need? (And I hated Napoleon Dynamite - this felt more like a Wes Anderson kinda film...)

Lady In The Water - M. Night Shayamalan infuriates me. I've really liked all of his films except The Sixth Sense, but I find him to be a completely egotistical, arrogant individual. However, he is a GREAT storyteller and an assured film-maker. LITW is not perfect, but there's so many good ideas in there I couldn't help but be impressed. Admittedly, like the characters in the film, you have to buy into the whole bedtime story... Giamatti is superb in this, really effective score (as streetrw mentioned) and some interesting cinematography courtesy of Christopher Doyle. AND it made me jump twice!! Not bad for a PG film!! I think the critics will re-evaluate this film in time...

A busy week, just to get me in the mood for FF... seeing A Scanner Darkly and Monster House tomorrow, then Snakes On A Plane on opening night!

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 9:33 pm
by lupogirl
I bit the bullet and bought a ticket for the Wilderness at the Mezzanine. Yes it was the auditorium with 50 seats - size of a front room. Just I remembered it!! I was chuckling when I walked in!!! :D

What a highly enjoyable film. Great tension building moments, some good gory deaths and some believeable characters. What a setting. It has a touch of Blair Witch Project and Deliverance/Lord of the Flies.

For a 15 rated film there were some rather bloodly moments!! Hoorah!!!

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 6:36 pm
by ghouldrool
snakes on a plane

wow , this was everything i was hoping for and a little more. for instance i wasnt expecting the film to stir any emotions at all but several of the characters and their demise or victory were really quite even manages to mis direct u as one character is on the plane who ends up serving a different purpose than you intially thought, also it turns a cliche regarding male stewards on its head.. say no more

its fast moving with loads of disaster movie cliches... who here really wont be surprised at the line "can someone fly a plane".. pure joy.. def one for audience participation at the moment SLJ screams "im tired of these mother fucking snakes and this mother fucking plane"
it features an appearence by the gorgeous Elsa Pataky from reanimator 4 and Romasanta- also watch for Lin Shaye


sadly scanner darkly was a massive let down... decently performed and looks nice but you do leave it with a "so what ive seen all this paranoid nonsense before" vibe.... one for the art houses only

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:25 pm
by soulmining
I saw Snakes On A Plane tonight... totally delivered the goods. Check out the Red Bull product placement though, it's hilarious... Really good fun! :D

snakes on a plane

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:43 am
by dall425
My god this film was as bad as it gets.

I know why the critics wernt allowed to see this in advance.

Cheesey dialogue, soap opera charachters and poor action.

They tried to hype it but it wont work, this is going to fail at the boxoffice.

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:52 am
by gegsuranus

My mum decided she wanted me to take her to see this. This would be my mum who likes Love Actually and falls asleep through action movies. She screamed the whole way through, asking me 'why did you take me to see this film' and 'ow, this is stupid'. But secretly she really enjoyed it because she kept laughing.

Very funny, cliches and all. get me more More Motherfucking Snakes on more Motherfucking planes

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 3:33 pm
by jimbo
Chalk me up as a "me too" for Snakes - thought it was great fun, played it totally straight, but well aware of its own silliness. Proper fun!

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 7:02 pm
by world_of_skin
lupogirl wrote:Watched on DVD - Tartan Asia Extreme. - called Dumplings. Directed by Fruit Chan. A story of a rich woman trying to hold on to hear youthful looks. A bit disturbing(no change there) but rather good film.
I've got that one sitting around, waiting to be watched.. Unfortunately, an overly-long review already told me what's IN the dumplings, which I'd much rather have waited to have found out, grrr. Glad it's good though, I must remember to actually watch it..

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 7:35 pm
by world_of_skin
I watch a stupid amount of films (as I'm sure you all do, though!) as I work in a movie rental place (no, not evil Blockbuster), so, you know, that provides good justification whenever I need it :D

The ones I've watched fairly recently (ish) that've made a big impression on me were Hard Candy & Running Scared.

Hard Candy is spectacular, especially if you watch it in a packed cinema. I've NEVER seen an audience reaction like that before. Despite the film being so very quiet, nobody in the audience made a sound, which is unheard of for a film on a Friday night, and certain scenes made virtually every single male in the audience squirm around in their seats like you wouldn't believe. Such a strong audience reaction is always good. It also contained quite a few instances of dark humour too, which work very well - lots of people laughed quietly (as they were feeling a bit edgy and apprehensive, I'd guess) and then a woman near the front had clearly been stifling her laughter and suddenly started howling, which set the whole audience off giggling at her. It was just the KIND of laughter she emitted, the sort where you're laughing at a completely "inappropriate" moment, yet can't possibly stop yourself from doing so anymore.

Running Scared was stylish and I greatly enjoyed the "other-worldly" elements that occassionally crept into the film, even though you can explain them in terms of perfectly normal things. The creepy sillhouettes of hands with elongated fingers was, in my opinion, just you seeing things from the kid's perspective, i.e. it was a representation of the evil he perceived in things/situations/people. Quite cool, I thought.

Should be off to see Nacho Libre tomorrow (with free tickets, yay). Glad to see people on here seem to be liking it.

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:07 pm
by streetrw
Haven't actually watched it yet, but FilmFour have just introduced RE-ANIMATOR as fully uncut! It's always good to have a blank tape handy....

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:57 pm
by gegsuranus
I've been waiting to see Re-Animator ever since last Frightfest when I got Bride of Re-Animator in my goody bag. I felt it was important to see the original first. :lol:

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 12:04 am
by world_of_skin
Watching Re-Animator as we speak :D Film Four's advert breaks really piss me off though :x It's good that the channel's now free, at least, in some respects, but they've gone quite horribly downhill in most ways..

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 12:18 am
by gegsuranus
You know that there is technology that would allow people to record programmes/movies without ad breaks, but that whoever is in charge of milking as much money out of us as possible prevents anyone from using it. I have no evidence or facts to back this up, just my utter faith in the word of a friend of mine. It does sound like it could happen though.

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:36 am
by ghouldrool
blimey that was the full uncut version.. same as region 1 dvd.,... wasnt expecting that

finally youtube has that mentalist music video from Beyond reanimator... if uve never seen this euro dance raping of the re-animator legacy go to youtube and find "move your dead bones" and thrill to the lyrics "re animate your feet"

its either the best music vid ever or the worst

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:33 pm
by kimblebee
Ah Snakes on a Plane! Fantastic! You frightfesters going to see it on thursday/friday will not be disappointed! It was everything I thought it would be - a wee bit scary/ jumpy/ and hilariously funny.. Samuel L. at his best! But its definitey given me a phobia of snakes - especially with my boyfriend making "hissing" noises in the car on the way home!! :roll: [/b]