Aren't we all the critics: Changing our minds on films?

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Aren't we all the critics: Changing our minds on films?

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brad1000 wrote: if the movie was that bad why did frightfest waste a slot on it ???
I asked Alan that. Simply if they didn't show it when people were expecting to see it the they'd be asked why. Damnes if they did, damned if they didn't.
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Re: Aren't we all the critics: Changing our minds on films?

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DoctorKaren wrote:@MaxRenn

What do you think would be the ideal Argento starting point and why? I'm having a devil of a time getting into him (I know! Heresy ;-)!
Suspiria or Deep Red, which are his two best movies for me.

Suspira makes a good starting point especially right now with Black Swan being such a hit (which owes at least as much of a debt to it, as it does to Powell and Pressberger's The Red Shoes and Polanski's Repulsion). Suspiria is a brilliant mix of stunning visual artistry and Goblin's exceptional score. With the follow up Inferno, Argento ditches even the semblance of a conventional narrative to come up with something close to a filmed nightmare.

Deep Red is Argento's best giallo, again a fabulous score from Goblin and an intricate and fascinating plot.

I also point to Tenebrae, a late giallo, as it is extremely entertaining. Even my wife, an acknowledged Argento-phobe, enjoyed this one.

Of the films that are good, I wouldn't start with Inferno as mentioned before but I would also avoid Opera for a bit. It's marred by attrocious heavy metal music being used to score the murder scenes and also by an ending that is bizarre even by Argento standard's.
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Re: Aren't we all the critics: Changing our minds on films?

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Actually, as regards Argento I've always thought Phenomena was underrated. Mad, even by DA's standards, but a lot of bonkers fun.

Re. the original question: I hated ALIENS the first time I saw it. A couple of years later I saw it again, on a midnight double-bill with the original ALIEN (possibly either or both films projected in 70mm) and loved it. A two-star film leapt to a five-star film which is now one of my alltime favourites. - For all your occasional film rambling needs. - For when you really need to know what I had for breakfast.

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