Creak - 5 minute horror short you might like!

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Creak - 5 minute horror short you might like!

Post by Sincerely,Psychopath » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:11 pm

Hi Frightfest Forumites,

I'm a self funded hobbyist film maker and wanted to share my little horror short "Creak" - it's getting a pretty positive thumbs up from horror blogs around the globe.

Some succinct quotes...

"Creak is a film that manages to brilliantly package together a well-paced and nerve-wracking tale." ... -2012.html

"Creak is a better 5 minutes than the feature length Silent House" ... creak.html

"Hollywood should take some notes on how to make a horror film from Mr. Bhogal-Jones." ... creak.html

"Channeling Carpenter, Bava and Argento, Bhogal-Jones' CREAK can be viewed as an exercise in precision film-making." ... -2012.html

I swear that no brown envelopes stuffed full of cash exchanged hands for those quotes - don't think anyone was more surprised than me!

You can see it at

And if you want to know more about the making of (including a painful post production) you can read all such shenanigans at my blog, though hilariously my making of blog probably takes longer to read than it does to watch the film!

Any feedback good or bad very much appreciated!



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