Teaser Trailer for The Shadow Of Death

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chuckie steel
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Teaser Trailer for The Shadow Of Death

Post by chuckie steel » Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:50 pm

Hi all, I have for the past couple of years been working on this film, I just decided to make a film one day, in fact at one point I was seeing on here if anyone wanted to get together and make a film.

But like i say I just went ahead and made one..we have our UK premiere in under two weeks in Portsmouth (http://www.sandmancinema.com/newsart.php?id=243) and here's is a teaser trailer I just last night uploaded, I will have a full trailer coming soon and i will without a doubt submit to FF, but I'm not sure my £1000 slasher comedy will get in but its not all about the money so fingers crossed.

Be great to get anyone of you guys n gals to support us, I made the film very much with you lot in mind from coming to nearly every FF now, I got to see how crowds at FF work each year, and tried to use this in the writing..

OK here's the teaser..please spread the link if you dig it...




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