The Peter Cushing Scrapbook - NOW AVAILABLE

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Stevey K
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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The Peter Cushing Scrapbook - NOW AVAILABLE

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Thought this may be of interest to classic horror fans around these parts

Now Available - but only direct from the publishers - is The Peter Cushing Scrapbook. An amazing cornucopia of Cushing... over 320 full colour pages covering not just the films but the man himself with 1800+ photos drawn from many collections including his secretary Joyce Broughton.

This is THE Cushing book to celebrate his centenary - forget the rehashes :)

Full details here - ONLY AVAILABLE DIRECT... not in stores or on Amazon and the like. Limited numberd edition of only 2000

Also still available Hammer Films on Location
Running Zombie
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Re: The Peter Cushing Scrapbook - NOW AVAILABLE

Post by cyberschizoid »

This book is absolutely brilliant!

Highly recommended!!
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