FOR SALE: Authentic Props & Costumes from Horror Films

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FOR SALE: Authentic Props & Costumes from Horror Films

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Hey all,

I have various props, costumes and items used in various horror films for sale (complete with certificates of authenticity for the big ones.)
Many of these are mine but some I am selling on behalf of friends who were involved in the films.

These will be going on Ebay complete with pics and info but I wanted to post here first to see if anyone is initially interested in any.
I would rather they went to fans that will love them than people wanting to sell them on as with eBay in some cases.


1.)Authentic Famous Tape Recorder from the Saw films. Beautifully framed and presented with certificate from Twisted Pictures & Director.

2.) Authentic Saw V Costume. Bathtub Burned Shirt. With certificate from Twisted Pictures & Director.

3.) Rubber Saw Foot (NOT used in the film) signed by all cast,Crew, directors and writers from the original Saw film.

4.) Aliens: Authentic screen used Minature Egg Sack & Certificate.

5.) Hellraiser: Screen Used Chains with Certificate of Authenticity.

6.) Hostel: Various Screen Used weapons & certificates
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