horror movies i have seen 2016

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horror movies i have seen 2016

Post by jeepercreeper » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:48 pm

the boy creepy anything with a doll in it is. not a bad movie but the obvious ending made me feel like it was one of those old
70s haunted house tv shows
he never died good movie a little oddball but enjoyed
Damien tv series not bad with lots of references to original movie
walking dead awesome series best season yet
emelia enjoyed unsettling movie
hollow creak not as good as I thought it would be good effects
krampus enjoyable Christmas horror funny and scary
victor Frankenstein big budget waste of time the monkey was good though
cabin fever 2016 I thought bit better than first one
southbound it had good moments but still not that great
house pine st good ghost story creepy without Hollywood effects
martyrs remake ok not patch on original
the veil ok
Vatican tapes ok
scouts guide to zombies yet another spoof but quite good fun
pride prejudice zombies hated

anyone got any thoughts

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