The TV horror series revolution

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The TV horror series revolution

Post by Gorehound » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:29 am

Lately whilst struggling to find, or should i say select a Horror film to catch up with on the sofa with my tablet to conceal the goregous events from my 3 young children (honest BBFC, i promise) ive been impressed how many times ive settled on a TV series and let it feed my frankenstein (so to speak)

I know that a lot of money and interested is ploughed into these recently with shows like Penny Dreadful etc but these seem to of only got better in the last say 18 months for me and even started to rival feature length horror films. A friend of mine at my work practically begged me to watch The Exorcist recently and i really liked it and fell into that "Ill watch the fucking lot in one weekend" bracket on the strength of it.

The only bad thing about this great extra content for me though is that it does set my hopes a tad high when watching a film, but that can only turn good right? I mean the feature length film makers have to know they need to grab your balls by the 30 min mark otherwise you could just of easily been watching a filler episode of Walking Dead (theres plenty of em)

Anyways heres my faves with a short and very unprofessional response

Ash vs Evil Dead
I always had this down for not living up to the original films beauty but very early on it proves otherwise. Plenty of gore for the old school Ash lovers. Bruce has still got it but has to be absolutely knackered after filming. The introduction of his sidekicks Pablo and the hot girl ( i could google her name but thats cheating) just add to the crazy and there are enough Cameos to keep the best Shemp spyers happy.

The Exorcist
As mentioned above (somewhere) this really worked for me. Sure Cameron from Ferris is a familiar face with Geena Davis but the reveal in ep 5 was not one i saw coming. Could of been slightly more bloodly but a great series for gorehounds non the less.

The Walking Dead
There are far too many Episodes (even a whole series, S3 im looking at you) that just fill a void and as the zombie aspect of the show disappears and the "its the living who are the real threat" part comes to life its hard sometimes to see how it will continue to be considered a horror series. Anyways,it always seems to drag you back in, just when your contemplating sacking it.
There seems to be reports of "Dumbing down" the gore in future episodes which if true only comes with growing in popularity and plastic fans (mentioned more below) wondering what the fuck they got themselves into because zombies were so 2016.

Stranger Things
Im a massive lover of the 80`s and this series also caught me out on the ""Ill watch the fucking lot in one weekend" thing.
I like the way it looks, sounds and feels. Its creepy, dark and even has a gorgonmorph (something like that i think? definetly not gorgonzola) and Winnoa. What more do you want?
Well the only bad thing about Stranger Things for me is the way it spews out plastic horror fans who will probably liked twilight last year and thought Walking Dead was for the weird,black shirt wearing goths.

Annnnnnnd so thats it..... Im not moaning, honest.
I think its a great time to like horror and a hard time for writers etc to compete.

The TV never looked so good (on my tablet anyway)

Be lucky


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Re: The TV horror series revolution

Post by zappa fan » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:40 am

I'm pinning all my hope on that new series coming out called Castle Rock. In the correct hands this could be the best show ever.

Also waiting for season two of Preacher.

A Forum only competitions or give aways is a great idea. Need to get more people chatting on here. Keep this feed alive.
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