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Hounds of Love

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:24 pm
by WraithApe
On the face of it, another in a long line of serial killer thrillers, but what pushes this one above average is the quality of performances first time director Ben Young extracts from his cast and his keen eye for composition. Like Jonathan Glazer, Young cut his teeth making music videos and that sense of style carries over into his debut feature.

Where other films in this sub-genre often go for pure shock factor, Hounds of Love rarely pushes the bounds of credibility. A lot of the violence happens off camera and the film relies on atmosphere and engagement with the characters to keep the viewer hooked. The acting is good all round, but it's Emma Booth who steals the show, as the conflicted and deeply repressed Evelyn, torn between animal aggression, misplaced loyalty, and latent maternal instincts.
My only real criticism, other than the fact that nothing really elevates it above being a solid genre flick, is the ending - it seemed bit contrived, too intent on delivering a cathartic moment, where the rest of the movie was a believable slice of suburban sickness.