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Deep Red Question

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:59 am
by svengalidonut
This is a question for Dario Argento fans.
I watched Deep Red on blu ray earlier this week.
I'd never seen the film before.
There's a scene half-way through where the jazz pianist,David Hemmings, is getting dressed, buttoning his shirt. The journalist, played by Daria Nicolodi, is standing next to him.
I assumed some kind of sexual activity had preceded this scene.
She refers to him as being less nervous now.
She's hoping that he will see her again later on. He's dismissive but in a deadpan way.
A few days later I read James Gracey's book on Argento. I was surprised to find that the author claims their relationship is "warm and platonic" , "unconventionally, it never becomes romantic."
How do others interpret this scene?