Scar 3D

The 2008 offerings once more walk among us.
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Scar 3D

Post by jonbly »

jonbly liked the film... but the 3D really didn't work out.

In particular:
1) the opening scene doesn't work because a) it's a deep shot and b) we're not used to the effect yet. It needs to start with a simple scene.
2) dark shots result in a lot of reflections and artifacts... so this process probably isn't suited to horror!
3) rapid movement didn't work well either.

Some scenes worked well... say, the giant trout scene looked good (with less variation in depth, and strong light).
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by DavieT »

Agee with you on 2 & 3 - a little disorienting.
An OK movie but nothing really memorable.
Walking Dead
Walking Dead
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Post by Fenriz »

The 3D was a nice touch and added some variety to the fest, but yeah it wasn't exactly the best 3D I've ever seen.

Still I thought this was the best film of the Thursday though, started out a little slow but once it got going it became a fun psycho/splatter movie and I enjoyed it.

lone star
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Walking Dead
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Post by lone star »

I'd have to 2nd, 3rd and 4th these comments :D

Do feel the problem at present with 3D is that fast movement becomes all a blur, something that will hopefully improve soon (at least by the time of Camerons Avatar next year).

Don't think Scar really utilised the "gimmick" of 3D to the full. It could have been a huge crowdpleaser of a movie, as it was it was enjoyable but nothing special.
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Scrof the Return
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Post by Scrof the Return »

Without the 3-D this film amounts to not a lot. Totally generic.
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Post by Jekyll »

Very average although the 3d was quite good, that is when it wasn't ghosting or the image repeating itself halfway up the screen.
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Running Zombie
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Post by odishon »

Quite enjoyed this, liked the whole feel of the movie.

Was a shame about the severe 'ghosting' at times. Heard Alan say before it that there wouldn't be any ghosting due to the way it was being projected so wondering if there was some sort of error in it's projection on the night?

Picked me up a little after being so disappointed with the previous film.
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Post by Khouri »

I didn't like the 3D that much (it made my eyes hurt! :shock: ) but there were some really nice moments with shots of trees and mist which looked really good. As a film it was ok but sadly it was probably the one I liked the least. The story just seemed to be lacking and I was expecting some more character development with the mental army dad, which didn't happen.
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Post by streetrw »

It had to be said that the 3D on view here was not as good as in the other two Real-D movies I've seen, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (in that very cinema) and Beowulf. I don't remember either of those having any of that double imaging, and makes me wonder if it was the projection that was at fault. Maybe we'll find out in November when it's supposed to get a 3D cinema release.

Unlike Journey, which is twaddle and the only thing it has going for it is the 3D, this was, as a movie, okay as a generic, fairly unremarkable blood-and-guts horror movie for the multiplex audience rather than the discerning connoisseur. Certainly they could have used the 3D much more than they did in the way of poking and waving things into the camera. Even if it had just been in 2D it would have been an acceptable medium-standard direct-to-DVD release; there are hundreds of worse movies cluttering up Blockbusters across the country.
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Post by EvilAsh »

It was a fun idea but there didnt seem to be a need for the 3D thing
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by Reanimator »

The 3D was good for the first 5-10 minutes then seemed to fade away - the film was ok but instantly forgettable
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Post by maxmum »

Yeah the film was actually pretty good, but the dark shots did nothing at all with the 3D. Except give me eye ache.
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Hello Doris!
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Post by Hello Doris! »

I had major problems with the 3D casting a ghost in the top left hand corner. At first I thought it was me but I've been told a few other people had a problem.

The film was alright, but a tad TV movie with the soap style acting.
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Post by Gungrave »

Ugh. What a waste.

3D was hardly used and was oddly ineffective in dark scenes. Angela was great as usual but was totally wasted on this.

You're making a 3D slasher movie...what would you do? Arterial spray? Blades coming out of the screen? Blood on the lens, dripping down? SOMETHING that makes the use of the format worthwhile.

Had this not been 3D I doubt it would have made the shortlist!
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Girl Serial Killer

Post by Girl Serial Killer »

I was bored stiff and ended up with a headache.
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