Relive the horror of Frightfest 2009
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Notts Pete wrote:Totally agree Kimblebee. Really wish this was at the weekend, I'd give at least 3 internal organs to be able to make it tonight.
Hope you guys have a really great time - and if poss. can someone ask Mr West where he snuck the 'amulet' into the movie? I'd guess it was somewhre in the Burning Witch's window but was enjoying the movie so much, I forgot to look for it!

Have fun. :D
It is in the Burning Witch's shop window! First thing I saw when they panned across the stuff in the shop. Also I think there's a poster from the office in Evil Aliens, the Emily Booth Weird World one briefly shown as well
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Notts Pete
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Thanks Vampi. My excuse is I'm gettnig on a bit and my eyes aren't what they were!
Looking forward to hearing all about the evening on the forums later on/tomorrow. Enjoy. :D
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Well done Jake and the team at Doghouse for a brilliant screening and Q+A - cracking cast and film, and looking forward to it coming out on DVD on September 28th! It was great to see lots of FFers there too :-) and good fun at the Phoenix afterwards! :-)
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Indeed was excellent film and very informative Q&A. Real shame the film hasn't got a bigger release. Great to see it on the big screen and of course having a catch up with fellow Frightfesters!!! :D
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Those extra scenes need to see the light of day,would love to see the intro,hope it does well enough! I really liked it.
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It was a really good evening, and the Q&A was very interesting. I do want to give a shout out though to my friend who is the assistant programmer at the PCC, she puts on all the Q&A's and the double bills they have there, and this was another on of her events, not a frightfest event. She works hard and never really gets any credit or thanks for what she does.
So to my friend, thanks for a great screening and for getting Jake to come down and do a Q&A, good stuff :) I look forward to many more....
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