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*** Spoilers ***

Unfortunately I knew this was a werewolf movie before seeing it, while I guessed it was the mum early on. Still, kudos for the twists nevertheless. Some ropey acting and dialogue and poor decision-making by the characters hampered this one. But, werewolves in a house and Isabella Calthorpe kept me interested. 7 / 10
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Couldn't get into this one. Interesting ending but I think most of us realised the twist before it happened, which is a shame. Also, I just didn't like the performances, particularly the elder brother. I thought Gemma Atkinson was good though - here's hoping she gets a meatier role in the future.

Still, I thought the film looked good, particularly as it was shot on such a tight schedule and with little money. Shame it was not quite as good as it could have been.
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I had to check the brochure to remind myself what this was all about. Bad sign. I love werewolf movies. I love everything about them and even watched Rise of the Lycans more than once just to see them, even though its a bit of a dodgy film. This was okay, but I thought the creatures were total pants. Not remotely scary and they just looked liked bald people with large teeth who had overdone it with a big powder puff.
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Thanks for the ride, sir.
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Just passed my Saturday morning watching this in bed. Not a bad effort, nor outstanding bit enjoyable enough to pass the time.
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