Thank You!

The movies of 2010 still live
Frightfest Hardcore
Frightfest Hardcore
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Re: Thank You!

Post by lupogirl »

Huge thanks to the boys!!! Had a corker time. All your hardwork has paid off!!

It is always exciting the main event. You never know who or what is going to appear.

Also a mention to the Empire staff, very friendly and looking forward to coming back in October.

Roll on October!!!!
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Re: Thank You!

Post by rawshark »

As ever - a huge thank you to Alan, Ian, Paul and Greg for another fantastic FrightFest!

Also huge thanks to the many others who put tireless work in behind the scenes including the brilliant Johanna and the whole FF crew. Also thanks must be made to the Empire staff who were all great.

Thanks to all the brilliant guests, filmmakers and stars for attending (especially those who hung around all weekend to talk to all the fans). And whilst we're on that subject, thanks to all the fans (well, 99% - the exception being the talkers and mobile phone users) for coming and being brilliant, and also thanks to Icon for stepping up to offer an amazing replacement film for the unfortunate late-pulling of ASF.

But most of all - thanks to the lovely Kimblebee for saying "Yes!"
Made an amazing weekend just so ever more special and unforgettable :D

Roll on the Halloween all-nighter!
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Eddie Krueger
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Walking Dead
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Re: Thank You!

Post by Eddie Krueger »

Yeah, thanks guys for putting on a great festival - I had a blast and am still missing it. :D
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Running Zombie
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Re: Thank You!

Post by **suzy** »

I had a brilliant 5 days, I've never had so much fun. thank you to everyone who organised or helped organise FF, you are all fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Undead Horde
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Re: Thank You!

Post by Maniacal »

As usual thanks to Alan, Paul, Ian and Greg for spectacular time at this years FrightFest.

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Re: Thank You!

Post by kimblebee »

Another awesome Frightfest - still only just getting over the excitement of it! Thanks to the guys and all the helpers at the Empire, as well as the filmmakers for another cracking line-up this year! :)
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Re: Thank You!

Post by scrobble »

What the others said - thank you for yet another fantastic Frightfest. Bring on 2011!
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Alex J
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Re: Thank You!

Post by Alex J »

Thank you to the organisers, the empire staff, the other helpers, the guests and the fans!

Another very good year with plenty of decent films and a nice range of them too.

I did try to thank Ian post-Eli Roth signing, but I didn't really express it very well - a bit tired by that point!
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