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Re: Kill List

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:35 pm
by AdeBrown
Stephen with ph wrote:I enjoyed it immensely, although I now regret not having the courage to ask a few pertinent questions during the Q&A, such as: -
1 - why do his victims thank him?
2 - who is he? (as in "does your friend know who you are?")
3 - what was actually going on?

Did it remind anyone else of Angel Heart?
Good call on Angel Heart, but with a bit less brooding.

Here's my take on your questions.
3 - he was being prepared for a very important role for that cult that we saw at the end. This process was to have him carry out a series of tasks which either dragged him in deeper or put him off. It's implied that they have been watching him for a while, and probably knew that his friend and his wife would keep him grounded.
2 - some sort of "holy" warrior assassin chappy, the victims obviously thought he was in on it, but he wasn't.
1- thanking him for freeing them from their crimes, and for honouring them as part of the ritual he was involved in.