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Re: Inbred

Post by Maniacal »

Worst film of the festival for me, nothing short of stupid and downright trash.

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Re: Inbred

Post by nagelfar »

Horrible film.
I was expecting so much more as I enjoy Chandons early amateur work and I love Cradle of Fear, even got the first run VHS, signed by Alex and Dani :)
This just felt like a giant ripoff, badly executed no less. Chandon mentioned in the Q/A that the digital post production took most of the time from finish to release which is surprising because all digital effects were very obvious and shitty as hell, especially the blood. The overacting and screaming was horrible, the sound ear splitting, I walked away with my head buzzing (not in a good way).
If this is all he can come up with in 10 years he should stick to doing F/X work for other people, the world didn't need that movie at all.
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Re: Inbred

Post by Bigcat »

The Soapmaker wrote:
AdeBrown wrote:More importantly, what's best? This or Zombie Women of Satan?
Zombie Women of Satan.

It was more incompetent but a lot more amusing.
I actually quite liked Zombie Women of Satan :oops:

I couldn't wait for Inbred to end, that's 95 mins of my life I'll never get back! The only gag that worked for me was the ferret.

Horrible and pointless.
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Re: Inbred

Post by Pumpkin »

Yup the ferret was the best thing in it ;)
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Re: Inbred

Post by Reanimator »

Nothing original but being a fan of Bad Karma I knew what to expect - really enjoyed this and it was good fun throughout
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Re: Inbred

Post by leathercamp »

Strange to read all the very negative comments here. I was sitting near the front and loved the film, as did most around me. The frightfest organisers loved the film and everyone I spoke to afterwards only had positive things to say. I agree with the review at
cinemaroll myself.. ... bred-2011/

Chandon apologised for the ear splitting sound which was the theatres fault, they had to get it turned down mid way through apparently which helped out a lot.

To begrudge the films cast and crew enjoying the fruits of their labours is a bit harsh in my humble opinion.

Anyway... we are all entitled to our comments so I just wanted to express the many positive views I and others had about the film.
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Re: Inbred

Post by lupogirl »

Just had a quick look at the above posts.

I actually enjoyed the film. Had some good deaths and humour. Indeed it was trashy fun! Did like the ferrett munching on the bloody stump.
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Re: Inbred

Post by maxmum »

Wolfshade wrote:
Pumpkin wrote: It was a bit like watching 13 year olds putting on their own version of the League of Gentlemen.
Agree, the humour seemed to be trying to copy League Of Gentlemen, and not only that, the ringmaster's make up was a complete copy off Papa Lazarou.
Agreed - I was also thinking of Papa Lazarou!

I didn't hate this movie - it was fun to watch with the crowd and it made me laugh because of the northern accent and phrases which I have grown up with where I live.

Had some fun deaths n stuff right?

Sure, it's not highbrow entertainment but mustn't grumble. It is what it is and I enjoyed it more than a lot of stuff that was on on Friday.
Thanks for the ride, sir.
You have lovely sheep.

Satans Puppy
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Re: Inbred

Post by Satans Puppy »

I normally dislike this sort of film but I loved it!!! It made me feel a little sick at one point but that might be because I hadn't eaten or anything like that for some time. I did really enjoy it though. The Deaths, the hillbilly nature of the community... it was just as far out there from my comfort zone as I normally go and I liked it :D
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Re: Inbred

Post by Alex J »

*** Spoilers ***

Better than ZWOS and 2001 Maniacs IMHO, as this had plenty of genuinely funny moments, gore and even some characters I cared about (even if no-one else did). However, some bits were too trashy or ridiculous for my liking and seemed at odds with some of the more serious bits. Sad to see Sam killed at the end (aww!). 7 / 10
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Twitching Corpse
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Re: Inbred

Post by Donut »

TheDukeAbides wrote:I was thinking that my one sentence review would be enough, but this piece of shit film has provoked feelings of anger and resentment in me.

I've seen bad films before. I've felt like I've wasted my time and my money, but I've never been angry after a film before like I was after this piece of shit.

It could well be that 2 of mates loved this piece of shit, as did seemingly some/most of the audience there.

It could be, as has been mentioned, the adoring bunch of sycophants brought along to act as human applause signs for this piece of shit film.

It could be the volume of the thing, which was ear-splittingly loud (I like loud, if it is a good loud) and seemingly designed to beat you into submission by nulling one of your senses so you become a less rational human being and actually liked this piece of shit.

It could be that the acting was merely screaming for most of this piece of shit film and that I didn't like any of the characters at all, whether I was 'supposed' to or not (well, except the ferret).

It could be that in this piece of shit film there was not one single new idea, not one single original death, not one single funny moment and not one single bit of tension or scare.

It was just pure, simple fecal matter. A gorilla's finger disguised of 500 feet of celluloid. Something a beetle would roll up to lay it's eggs in. A explosing of excrement, a discharge of brown water. A defecation on the souls of all that is good and scary. Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 on the Bristol Stool Scale. Crap. Turd.

You didnt like it then?
Bearded Avenger
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Re: Inbred

Post by Bearded Avenger »

This was another one of those films that got a free pass due to it being a UK film from a FrightFest buddy. It was fun, but shoould have been on early morning or as a late night showing.
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Twitching Corpse
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Re: Inbred

Post by itchysore »

It was kinda fun to watch with a crowd, all the shouting got a bit much tho.

i did like the bit where the van ploughed into a whole bunch of them.
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Re: Inbred

Post by gazadams »

Thought this might be very silly . But really enjoed it . Great ! :D :D
Mr Bill
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Running Zombie
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Re: Inbred

Post by Mr Bill »

Even I didn't like this cheap and nasty film- though I usually love a bit of spiteful trash, this was just never as funny or clever as it thought it was and ended up merely being grotesquely depressing, and quite, quite bad.
A very disappointing penultimate film- normally a pretty solid spot.
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