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The rotting remains of 2012's festival
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Re: Films for FrightFest The 13th 2012

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Wolfshade wrote:
anoy yin barsted wrote:
Don't go Banana Motherfucker on me Wolfshade, but I don't understand your aversion to the short films. You've lost me on this one. Aren’t the short films just like the longer films, except, well, a bit shorter?
I'd disagree that they're just shorter versions of the long films, I find the short films tend to be mainly attempts at silly comedy, which very rarely work. A couple have been good in recent years (e.g. Total Fury and He Dies At The End in 08), but mainly I tend to find them unfunny, banal and tedious. If there were a few serious horror shorts I think it would be better, the shorts tend to be heavily skewed towards comedy, I know a short lends itself to comedy more than a full length film, but I think less "humourous" shorts would be beneficial.

Glad I skipped the shorts in 2010, as I watched Outcast, which turned out to be one of my favourite films of the festival.
Fair point Wolfshade. I thought a couple of the 2011 shorts were mos def horror skewed though.... but I do see your point about the comedy. I don't go to frightfest to chortle, I go there to sh*t myself!
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