Pre FF Drinks Gathering! (Captains Cabain.) Pheonix & Conga

London Frightfest 2013 has been and gone, this forum is available to post film reviews, chat, etc. from the festival.
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Re: Pre FF Drinks Gathering! (Captains Cabain.) Pheonix & Co

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Captain's Cabin is on Norris Street ... ris+street
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Re: Pre FF Drinks Gathering! (Captains Cabain.) Pheonix & Co

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I'll see you all there tomorrow. I'll be in my traditional formal attire again for opening night - my sophistomocated tuxedo t-shirt! (well, it is the only thing I own that ticks all three of the formal / smart / casual boxes at once) Probably get there about 2-3 I guess. What time I get there probably depends whether or not I can check into HHH properly or whether I have to just drop my bags off there instead.

This is my forth year in a row and I still can't remember what I have actually done with my bags before coming to the pub on opening night.
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