Bottom Five Films

London Frightfest 2013 has been and gone, this forum is available to post film reviews, chat, etc. from the festival.
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Re: Bottom Five Films

Post by Wulfster »

For me;

1) In Fear - I know there's a lot of love for it. But not from me! Repetitive, unoriginal, and just plain daft, and the "improv" style of keeping actors in the dark and throwing them into unknown situations just doesn't work in modern movies IMHO. "Blair Witch" was the only one to ever pull that off. "Genuine Fear"? As Laurence Olivier said to Dustin Hoffman; "Try acting, dear's much easier." Plus the fact, that for the plot to make sense, one of the cast must be able to run at super-speed, have clairvoyant powers, and be able to warp time & space! The only film that I left feeling angry at for sitting through it... I'm fact I'm "hulking out" just thinking about it. RARRGH! WULFSTER SMASH!

2) Hammer of the Gods - Like a warmed over attempt at re-creating an ancient Britain version of "Game of Thrones" or "Spartacus"... but with less violence or sex, just the swearing. The scenery was nice ... but the endless walking-across-hillside montages made it feel like "Lord of the Bloody Rings"! Not good. And nothing is guaranteed to piss me off more than freeze-framing a film just before a major event! I know it's a budget issue, but sheesh!!

3) Dementamania - It's not that it's a "bad" film. The acting's good, the imagery is great, and the riffs on office politics is spot-on. It's just that ultimately, with all the set-up, nothing really happens! If it had gone full-on "Falling Down" mode (which is where I thought it was going) it would have been fantastic. But alas, that was not to be...

4) Dark Touch - At the beginning, this looked like it would rock! But then we got the constant pouting and tantrums from Ronan Keating's daughter and the jaw-dropping stupidity from the adults. Young girl traumatised and suspected of foul play? No problem! Send her to a birthday party and leave her unsupervised! No wonder people were giggling at that point! Just daft! The ending is bloody dark though!

5) Toss up between "Missionary" (Too slow and the wife is wetter than a Octopus Leg-Warmer), but "Haunter" just clips it for me. Abi Breslin and Steve McHattie are both good, but given the rather grim subject matter, the glossy Disney version of the afterlife and the slow pace just didn't do it for me...

Before being labelled a miserable git, those were genuinely the ONLY films I had issues with. I totally dug the other 21 movies that I caught during the weekend and it was a great experience as usual.
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Stephen with ph
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Re: Bottom Five Films

Post by Stephen with ph »

Hammer of the Gods
Dead 2: India
Banshee Chapter
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Walking Dead
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Re: Bottom Five Films

Post by Bigcat »

I didn't truly hate any of them, but here goes.

Frankenstein's Army - the monsters were creative, but other than that it was a snooze-fest for me

Hammer of the Gods - caught up on some sleep

In Fear - wasn't feeling it

Dark Touch - some great ideas in this one, but let down by bad script and poor execution in places, which was a shame because it had real potential

The Last Days - but only the ending. I loved the rest of it. Could have made my top 5 if it had followed through the way it should have
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Re: Bottom Five Films

Post by AdeBrown »

The worst films thread is always more popular than the best films ;-)

The ones that have split the audience (so far)

The Last Days, Haunter, Odd Thomas,
Banshee Chapter and Dark Tourist

The latter two having more haters than fans.

Still what would Frightfest be with out the depth of variety !
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Re: Bottom Five Films

Post by leytonrocks »

In no particular order

Sadik2... 45 mins and nothing happens in this 75 min movie
Wither... fine to be an evil dead rip off, but no one could act
Dead2... script not finished
Hammer of the Gods... the film equivalent of a video game
Odd Thomas... a film for u12s and absolutely no character arc
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Re: Bottom Five Films

Post by Alex J »

I didn't feel there were any absolute stinkers this year (although I did miss some of the main screen films that have had some adverse feedback), but the weakest films IMHO were Hatchet 3, Paranormal Diaries: Clophill and I Spit On Your Grave 2. Still, I'll probably even watch these films again at some point the future, so I'm not saying that I really didn't like them, just that they were the weakest in my view.
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