FrightFest 2014

Taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, 21st - 25th August 2014
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Re: FrightFest 2014

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When will they release the guest list this year ?
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Re: FrightFest 2014

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There's usually a fairly comprehensive list of guests with the line-up announcement. That's coming on June 27th, the day before tickets go on sale.
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Re: FrightFest 2014

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daveroughcut wrote:Speculating on Frightfest films is one of my favourite pastimes. I keep an ever evolving list here. ... eculation/
Housebound already played Dead by Dawn and so I would have thought is unlikely (which is a shame as for one would like to see it again).

I would imagine both Life after Beth and Honeymoon will appear. Dead Snow 2 (which has played most of the continental festivals already and great fun) should be a dead cert and will make a great midnight movie.
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