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What did you LIKE about Frightfest past?

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:20 am
by DJBenz
Everyone likes to have a moan about things they don't like, and we don't shout about the things we do like often enough (and I'm as guilty as anyone for that), so I thought a thread about positive experiences would be good to show the organisers what has gone down well. The films are too obvious/subjective and get discussed in depth anyway, so outside of that, what have you really enjoyed from previous years?

For me, I thought the freebies handed out last year were neat. Nothing of particular monetary value, but as they were handed to pretty much everyone as they entered the screen it meant there was no scramble down the front in a small cardboard box to get a memento of the festival - and let's face it. Anyone can get their hands on a DVD, but how many people have a Chuck Steel mask? :D

Re: What did you LIKE about Frightfest past?

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:13 pm
by thatcambridgebird
Honestly, I know you said films are too subjective, but for me one major part of the 2012 festival I loved to bits was the Shorts segment. I just felt that all of the different shorts, dotted about here and there in the programme last year, got a bit lost/forgotten. It was nice to give them a chunk of time all of their own, because it felt like last year a lot fell victim to people coming in/out of the auditorium prior to the 'main' feature starting. I know the 666 competition was shown in one batch, but there were some other great shorts which ended up feeling a bit like time fillers, and didn't really do their creators justice in terms of giving them a 'fair' showing.

I've never experienced freebies given out as people come in to the screen, but I'm up for that if it went down well in the past :green:

Re: What did you LIKE about Frightfest past?

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:23 pm
by Malky
2013 was my 3rd London FF and last year I really enjoyed having Q&A's/Director Introductions in the Disco screen. Dunno if that has happened before but last year was the first time I experienced it with Holliston, Willow Creek & On Tender Hooks. I also greatly appreciated the Herman Ze German discount I loved that shop so much I ended up coming away with a t shirt. I also love freebies espeically bags and t shirts, I rarely watch most of the free dvds I get, however they are still appreciated. The Chucky & Chuck Steel masks were also ace. I also enjoy the stalls and love my FF Originals Martyrs Poster.