London Frightfest 2014 FAQ

Taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, 21st - 25th August 2014
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London Frightfest 2014 FAQ

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This is an attempt to collate the info from the Q & A thread to make it a bit easier to find without going through all the posts. I'll keep this thread locked, any discussion can go in the Q&A and I'll try to keep this updated. Answers are from iomega (Ian Rattray)

Frightfest 2014 will take place over the Bank Holiday weekend, 21st-25th August at the Vue Cinema, Leicester Square.


How many weekend passes will be available this year?
There will be slightly less passes available. Not a great deal, but a few less none the less. Single films tickets will be about the same. Going on past years everybody who wants one on Sleeply Queue Day should get one. It will be the stragglers who wait who may lose out.

Will the schedule be published before tickets go on sale?
Of course. Our full program and schedule will be published as normal the day before tickets go on sale. This year that will be June 27.

How will the previous problems with (All-nighter) ticketing at Vue be addressed?
Trust me, we are well aware of this and the muck ups that have happened in the past. We have already had meetings with the cinema about this and there is a team of people working on a solution. The problem in the past is that the cinema doesn’t have any IT support at the weekend, which is when we put our tickets on sale. So when things went tits-up there was no one around to sort things out. This will be addressed this time round.

Will Sleepy Queue be 1 person, 1 ticket (or a different but limited maximum)?
We have no limit on tickets. If someone comes in and asks for 20, then we will look at it, but never been a problem.


Which of the screens will we be using?
Screens five, six and seven for the main screens films. Screen three, which is down in the basement and screen eight which is up on top floor of the cinema will be the Discovery Screens.

Main Screen Sponsors as follows:
Screen 5 - Film 4
Screen 6 - Arrow Films
Screen 7 - Horror Channel

Will you be able to get into the screen you prefer?
Not sure what you mean by this. What you will have to do beforehand and after looking at our schedule when it’s published on the 27th, is choose one of the three cinemas where you want to sit, and that’s you for the weekend. You won’t be able to move between the screens. As in the past, you sit in your allocated seat that you have chosen. If I haven’t answered this, give me a little bit more detail and I’ll try and clarify.

Will one of the main screens be exclusively for festival pass holders?
No. All of the various ticket types will be spread over the three screens. The point of this is to mix audience types up a little bit. I don't think it would be right if all of the pass holders were on one screen and then everybody else was in another. Not fair on ether.

Where will the press and VIPs be seated?
Like everyone else, spread across the three screens. No special treatment.

Will I be able to choose my seat from anywhere in my chosen auditorium?
Sorry no. We can't make it work like that. We are sticking with the blocks of seats. But you can codes to site at the front, the middle or the back of the cinema.

During the festival

Where will the pre-festival drinks be?
Here's a thought. As it is been confirmed that Phoenix is our official late night drinking location for the Festival and the official closing night bash through to breakfast on Tuesday morning nice and early, perhaps the Pre-Opening Night Drinks can be there. It is the same distance from the cinema as the Captains cabin was, which BTW in now a building site. Just a thought.

Will there be a cheap parking deal this year?
Sorry, no cheap parking this year. Parking place belonged to the same company that owned Empire.

I just wondered how it'll work if there's a Total Film Icon or Variety Award this year? Will pass holders be temporarily allowed into the one screen?
There will be no Total Film Icon this year, but the Variety Award will continue. We are giving a great deal of thought as how to run the award and sit down interview across three screens at the moment. Once we have cracked it we will let you know.

Is it the same films each day just at different times or will the films vary by day?
It's the way all other festivals work. Films play several times. We are just a little different because of our one seat policy, which everyone seams to like and want kept. We have manage to do it the way we have up to now because we have used very large cinemas. But the big Odeon aside, which BTW planning permission is being looked for to convert into a 16 screen multiplex, are a thing of the past, so we need to adapt.

Will there be security checks upon entry to the screens like at the Halloween 2013 event?
Thank you for reminding me of this. I'd forgotten about it and how it pissed people off. I'll bring this up at our next meeting and get an answer for you. I agree with you while I understand the need for some security, checking bags etc all of the time apart from getting tiresome will cause flow problems.

Will there be merchandising stands?
The Cinema store has signed up to do their one again and FrightFest will be producing their usual selection of T-shirts. We will look at getting in ladies sizes. Will also be doing a few special posters to tie in with some of the films that are showing and guests attending. The stalls will be at the top of the escalator on the same level as the bar.

Will the quiz still be on?
We are looking at this. Andy is up for it, but it is how to make it work this year.

Will you be able to pop into other screens to ask questions (during Q&As)?
No. If the live Q&As is not in your cinema it will be projected on to the screen. We will be rotating the introductions and the Q&As around the screens, so everybody will get a fair crack of the whip.

Will there be deals on the food & drink? Is alcohol allowed in the auditoriums?
Vue will be offering deals similar to the Empire. I will talk this trough with them. Booze is allowed in the cinema, but in plastic glasses and bottles.