Sleepy Queue 2014 Discussion (Split from Q&A Thread)

Taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, 21st - 25th August 2014
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Re: Sleepy Queue 2014 Discussion (Split from Q&A Thread)

Post by kickasschewgum » Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:20 pm

The reason some people join the queue for the last few hours is that some people simply can't get there beforehand (for whatever reason) but want to show up and keep their friends/partners company who have been queuing all night.

If the person originally queuing was buying a ticket for that person anyway, I cannot see why this should be a problem for anybody.

If, however, the person joining the queue late is buying their own ticket or multiple other tickets, then this is obviously deeply uncool.

The whole FrightFest experience has always, from Paul, Alan, Ian and Greg down, been built upon loyalty, dedication and fair behaviour.

In that spirit, it's up to everyone in the queue to act fairly. If you know a friend is queue jumping, then do the right thing and politely ask them to move to the back of the queue. If you feel someone ahead of you has jumped the queue, then just ask them politely to take a place at the back. If they explain that they're just there to show their friends support and aren't actually buying additional tickets, then just be reasonable about it.

The same simple rule applies on both sides of the fence in this situation. Don't be a dick, act fairly and all will be fine.

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Re: Sleepy Queue 2014 Discussion (Split from Q&A Thread)

Post by Kris » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:41 pm

There's enough tickets to go round
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Re: Sleepy Queue 2014 Discussion (Split from Q&A Thread)

Post by EvilAsh » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:25 am

Mr Bill wrote:
zappa fan wrote:He's lovely man and very approachable.
This is mostly true, for most people, most of the time, but for the exceptions to this rule, the idea of him wielding any authority up and down the queue is quite intimidating- when Scotty decides he doesn't like somebody it's not at all pretty.

He is nonetheless a dedicated and passionate frightfester, and a popular and much liked figure at the fest.

I think those who have had the threats via Facebook or email from him should post them. I'm happy to post mine. I've even heard the voicemail he left for one of the girls in the queue. He needs to get a life anr medication. He doesn't work for frightfest just a punter like the rest of us - but giving it a bad name with his crappy actions. Nasty piece of work if he doesn't like you.

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