Ticket mixup - Tip Of The Iceberg

Taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, 21st - 25th August 2014
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Ticket mixup - Tip Of The Iceberg

Post by Jekyll »

Hi guys,

Long story short, my pal couldntr get us full passes due to the online fiasco,

He settled for 3 days passes for himself, then said do i want a full pass want once initial problems were sorted out,

I said, okay and he got me a full pass for the same screen as him, was not interested if not same screen. He was told and conformed when ordering my pass was for screen 5, same as his day passes.

He was in town today for a training course and went to pick up the tickets, guess what, my full pass is for screen 7.

He was told than no refund or swap was possible.

So I am now left with seeing different films/order to him, and wouldnt be coming if it wasnt the same screen. have obviously booked the hotel as well, not sure if that is cancellable.

Cautionary note is that if you bought over the phone dont expect that ticket you are given is actually what you paid for, if this is not an isolated case this is going to be a complete disaster.

Really annoyed.

Luckily have been able to cancel my hotel but wont be attending this year, first one I have missed in ten years. :-(
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Re: Ticket mixup - Tip Of The Iceberg

Post by DJBenz »

Moved out of the Ticket Swap Shop as it's not really applicable to a sale/want/swap.

Sorry to hear about your situation, the online fiasco has been the blight on this year's festival unfortunately. :(
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Re: Ticket mixup - Tip Of The Iceberg

Post by Wulfster »

Sorry to hear that Jekyll.

At the risk of opening old wounds, pretty much the same thing happened to me, and I posted the incident on another thread.
I (miraculously) managed to book a weekend pass online, and I was officially mailed that I was in screen 6. However when I picked up the pass it was screen 7.
Luckily I picked it up relatively close to booking it, so I could change my viewing schedule without much impact.

Let's hope that we're anomalies and that there aren't any other admin "bombs" on Thursday, otherwise it could get really "interesting".... :s
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Re: Ticket mixup - Tip Of The Iceberg

Post by AdeBrown »

Yeah the numbering of the three screens has left me with a bugbear the size of an actual bear.

No way of knowing which screen when I ordered, I guessed the middle one (#6) would be the middle one on the listings pages (Film 4).
I got no response to my email asking which screen I had booked, and got to collect my tickets yesterday, & now I find I am in the Arrow Screen.
The one I wanted least due to timings and clashes.

Babadook on last :(
Therefore BIG dilemma concerning the Duke screening and party. :(
I've seen All Cheerleaders Die, and wanted to see White Settlers, which now clashes with The Harvest AND Short Film Showcase. :(
Can't please everyone, but I am glad I am only doing two days this year.
On the bright side, I now have a perfectly good reason to try and see Lost Soul.

Yeah, it was difficult to manage, but some of this is basic - names and numbers on the screens, programme organised on the website by days not screens.
(or update the grid at the bottom of this page http://www.frightfest.co.uk/frightfestfilms.html )
And like the London Film Festival, perhaps some of this is due to trying to show too many films in one go.
Please bring back the double screenings for Discovery screens next year, so the kind of word of mouth that got me into Willow Creek can continue.

Right, I thought I'd get all the moaning out of the way in advance this year,
I bet it'll be great.
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