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Re: Nymph

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morralex wrote:yeah, basically it was a laugh. I'd rather watch something unintentionally funny and inept than something snarky and intentionally B-movie and bad (like many films nowaday). It's much more honest, endearing and interesting.
Franco Nero's long speech about the island's dark history was like something out of a parody and got a lot of laughs in my screen. Attempts to intentionally create bad films usually fail because they lack the deadpan earnestness of an unintentionally bad film. Unintentionally bad films aren't trying to be funny but intentionally bad films will often include a lot of bad comedy that doesn't work, and comedy is the one genre that you can't laugh at a bad version of because it by definition fails to be funny.
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Re: Nymph

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I thought it was good, cheesy, horror by numbers fun :p

Really liked the setting and the monster effects too.
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Re: Nymph

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Like an American teen slasher, but instead it is Serbian with 30-somethings, with the hook being an ancient Greek mythological creature.
Not the best of its kind and not the worst, with some dumb parts and some better than expected. 6.5 / 10
No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.
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