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Wind Walkers

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:45 pm
by Tyrannosaurus
Not impressed with this one. The relations between characters aren't defined enough for some scenes to work. We never knew the dynamic between the protagonist and his friend, and we don't know that one father or the son he was forced to shoot enough to understand the father's loss. Most "obligatory" love interests are annoying, but the girl in this moviewas especcially annoying, especcially in the scenes trying to demonstrate how tough she is.

Re: Wind Walkers

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:58 pm
by MrD
This film was on my list to definitely see after reading the write-up and watching the Trailer.

What was good about the experience? I say experience rather than film because it was really awesome to see so much of the cast and crew make the journey and welcome us to watch what they had created. Really was cool to see that, though the Brit in me smirked at watching one of them wear sunglasses in a dark barely lit cinema screen. :)

What was'nt so great about the Film? Nothing. It was so bad. I actually ended up scoring less than Cherry Tree (which got half a star for the monster metamorphosis of the witch in charge). The acting was bad, which can be forgiven, but it took itself seriously on a foundation of flat delivery and poor script. It had two deliverys of emotion. 'Flat because I dont know what I'm feeling' and 'I'm shouting because I dont know whats going on' and they didnt seem flow together. It felt like it had good ideas and hinted at foreshadowing that really didnt go anywhere or deliver what it tried to invoke.

I felt to bad to say anything when the asked for feedback. They all seemed so nice and clearly they cared enough to come and support it and Frightfest I just couldnt say anything negative to them. I struggled to find anything good to say too. I felt so bad I didnt like it more. But I really didnt. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone. Not even as one of those bad movies that are so bad it's good. Because it isnt.

if you're reading this cool people of Wind Walkers who came to support FF2015. I'm sorry, but appreciate you coming.

0/5 :(