Most skippable main screen movies?

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Most skippable main screen movies?

Post by greenzombidog »

Each year there are films that after reading the synopsis and watching the odd trailer I have absolutely no desire to see. This doesn't necessarily make them bad films they're just not for me. There are some annoying clashes this year too. I wish the a few of the saturday films were jumbled about a bit.
Anyway heres my list of films I will be avoiding and why.

The Chamber
This film has alot of buzz around it but to me it just sounds like another confined space thriller. Those films are okay but I'd rather rent them than see them at frightfest.

They call me Jeeg robot
I read the synopsis for this and thought it sounded mental. Then I watched the trailer and it looked quite dull. I'm probably wrong though.

The Rezort
This a personal taste thing. I have had my fill of low budget zombie films and this doesn't look like it offers anything new. Just looks like West world or Jurassic park with zombies.

I thought this was supposed to come out a couple of years ago. I read the comic it was OK. The trailer makes it look like your average mainstream horror like Mirrors or case 39 quality.

It's a Rob Zombie film. Cue over the top sweary dialogue paper thin plot and more Sheri moon Zombie than I am willing to watch.

Is this the one about a baby trapped in a car and the mother deperatly trying to get her out? I watched the one last year with the person trapped on a landmine and desperatly trying to step off. Another one I'd rather rent.

Luckily there is some amazing looking stuff in the discovery screens this year. I just wish there was an alternative to Cell on opening night. I read the book and didn't enjoy it and the film has had some terrible reviews.
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Re: Most skippable main screen movies?

Post by ian »

I will be skipping the rezort too I think, it looks like it takes itself seriously and I can really only deal with zombies when they are OTT now (I will opt for lederhosen zombies instead).

That jeeg robot doesn't look up to much either, and I agree that zombie's films are samey rubbish but I did like lords of Salem so I know he has it in him not to just make all his films the same movie length Marilyn Manson video...

Realive isn't grabbing me either, but I don't think the alternatives are great so I guess I'll watch it.

Edit: I've seen the cell and it is about as good as you would think
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Re: Most skippable main screen movies?

Post by Malky »

Mercy, Pet, The Rezort, Blood Feast and Red Christmas just don't sound like my cup of tea. However the Disco Screen appear to offer some cracking alternatives.
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Re: Most skippable main screen movies?

Post by FranksWildYears »

Also skipping Rezort in favour of Cruel Summer and missing Jeeg Robot for Lost Solace. I'm not that taken by ReaLive either (but I'll give it a go) and I wasn't sure about The Woods (don't like found footage and fell asleep watching Blair Witch) or 31, so I'm happy that I've now got easy get outs for both - the Neighbour looks like a winner to me.

The main screen/discovery clash of mine that's troubling me is Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word v Let's Be Evil. I've got LBE on my spreadsheet, but I've wavered a few times :s
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