Extra screenings of fully booked films

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Re: Extra screenings of fully booked films

Post by Commodore »

Surely a better focus for the future would be to limit people seat-blocking (only allowing one disco ticket per time session) rather than dissuading people from going to see a disco movie altogether by taking away a festival seat they've paid to retain for the festival?

For example, last year I booked a disco ticket for Banjo on a punt. It was a great film and I'm glad I went in the end, but it was just that - a punt. If going would have meant sacrificing my main screen seat (and losing the chance to go back if it had been rubbish), I (and likely others) would not have bothered giving it a chance and that great movie wuold have lost vocal advocates.

People need to retain the right to abandon a movie and go back to the main screen that they have paid for, it's no-shows and multiple ticket seat-blockers that represent the challenge for the disco programme, not genuine attendees that decide a disco movie isn't for them.

For now, a simple standby queue outside a disco screen will ensure no-shows and unsold paid disco tickets don't prevent attendance by interested pass holders.
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Re: Extra screenings of fully booked films

Post by jonbly »

I disagree. But we'll see what The Powers That Be have to say...
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Re: Extra screenings of fully booked films

Post by MrsBBC »

Are there going to be any more last minute extra screenings?
Or more seats released; demand high enough from us, or demand low enough from non pass holding potential punters that a few more could be made available?

We tried to book our Discovery Tickets this week and couldn't get tickets for 4 films.
Our own fault for leaving it so long.
And we are in the Horror screen, so if we queue for the Discovery and don't get in then we likely miss the start of our film.
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Re: Extra screenings of fully booked films

Post by Diggler81 »

There is no way you should lose your main seat if you book a Disco ticket. I have booked Disco tickets because I'm torn between seeing two films however the night before I go I will look into reviews from critics etc as well as view any trailers that are maybe available that may not have been before and I will happily return my Disco ticket if I decide not to go.
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