Discovery/first blood tks

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Re: Discovery/first blood tks

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Spoke to Warren recently. He is still making films and talks fondly on his trip to London with the film
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Re: Discovery/first blood tks

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Hi, quick and possibly silly question. In past years, I've printed out my Discovery Screen tickets and brought them along as I don't have a smartphone. However, this year I don't have access to a printer - my one at home doesn't work and I won't be at work to (ahem) use the printer there.

I can display the ticket PDF on a netbook monitor, so would it be okay to do that when I'm going in to each showing? Thanks.

(And I've just joined the forum, so hello everyone. I've been to every Frightfest since the start except for 2009 and 2010 - single tickets before 2016, weekend pass from then onwards.)

Sorry to sound unsympathetic, but no, that is not acceptable as it will just slow everybody down when we have hundreds of people to get in to some shows. Get yourself organised and get a friend or someone to print them out for you.
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Re: Discovery/first blood tks

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Printed out, on a phone, on any device should be a valid way to enter the screen for the film you have a ticket for. They don't scan the tickets, just look at them so a good function pair of eyes is all that is required.

The plan is to scan tickets this year after fans were taking advantage of tickets not getting scanned and going into screenings that didn't have tickets for.
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