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Await Further Instructions

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:43 pm
by Whiptail
A great, suspenseful tale of a racist, christian, family ruled over by an overbearing father coming to terms with their sons new indian girlfriend. Oh and the fact that theyre trapped in their house on christmas day being ordered about by their TV probably isnt helping matters. As the orders become more extreme and tensions become strained, their already weak minds of the family beguin to break down just in time for the true villain to show itself.

I love the cosmic horror aspect of this as well as the social discourse on how huge the TV is in our lives. Nothing is explained either, which makes it a million times better than the other cosmic horror film of the fest, Black Site (which fell foul of the 'Show, dont tell' pitfall).

Re: Await Further Instructions

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:34 am
by scarebear
For me, this was the biggest and best surprise of the whole of frightfest.

I had seen to many "jump scare" movies earlier in the day (Hell is where the home is and Hes Out There) so the thought of seeing another one (Terrified) put me off as i like my diversity (not the dance group though!!!). So i made a last minute decision to go and see this especially as it was British and i really enjoyed it.

I thought the clever intorduction by the director and cast who deliberately didnt say too much about the story but handed out "little clues" in the form of black christmas crackers to the audience to get them thinking was excellent.

Yes, it was the film which was very near the mark with regard to racial discrimination and the psycho dad really gave me the creeps and i wanted him dead more than any other character, but that i think was always the plan by the filmakers to make us unconfortable and challenge our senses. It went into Conenberg territory in the last section which i thought was going to ruin it (as im not a fan) but it didnt.

I spoke to a few people of my fellow frightfesters after and told them that id seen it, and some think they may have made the wrong choice and should have come to see AFI, so i hope they get the chance to see it on some type of media soon.