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The 2008 offerings once more walk among us.
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Undead Horde
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Post by Reanimator »

This was excellent and well worth a second viewing at some point
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Post by maxmum »

A really pleasant surprise this one, when I saw the film schedule I thought 'Oh no not another of those really long boring cop drama things' but I engaged with the characters and it was funny and a great serial killer movie I thought.
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Running Zombie
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Post by valido »

Really good "things aren't always easy as they seem" thriller in the vein of Zodiac and Memories of Murder. Definitely in my top three.
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Post by Gungrave »

Caught up in this one from start to end.

Very few faults, just a superb and thoroughly rewarding experience.

Casting, script, pacing, characters, emotion, photography and FX all aligned to create a true experience.

One of my highlights of the festival, thanks guys! :D
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Post by jonbly »

Jekyll wrote:Will be interesting see how a US remake deals with the 'hero pimp' aspect of it.
Sounds like a perfect Snoop Dogg vehicle...
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Walking Dead
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Post by Tragedygirl »

This was a good thriller!! I was having trouble reading the subtitles due to being too short to see over the chap in front of me AND the chap in front of him (which was an unfortunate theme for me all weekend, as I could angle myself around "the chap in front of me head" only to find the head infront of him completley blocked the middle and last line of subs!!) and at one point I almost gave up but thought no I want to know how this ended .. so I had to contort myself even more (mega sorry to anyone sat behind me coz they must have wondered what the hell I was doing!!) and I am glad I did!!

I will definately watch this one again as I am sure I mssed quite a bit of dialogue.

Was gutted that Mi-jin was fated not to survive and felt quite moved. Easily one of the best films for me over the whole 5 days.
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by lupogirl »

This was the highlight of the day.

Fast paced, excellent story and characters you believed in. The 2 hours duration flew by. What a great unexpected ending!!!
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Post by BabyJaneHudson »

One of my favourites of the whole festival. This film was so well put together, acted and filmed. My attention was held from start to finish and the occasional injection of humour was welcomed in contrast to quite a depressing story. I felt genuinely afraid for for Mi Jin Kim and her daughter. The serial killer was perfectly cast.

The thing I liked about the film was that it was non-judgmental about the women involved and showed how vulnerable they were. There is nothing new about the other characters like the pimps and clients etc, but the transition of Joong-ho Eom from low life pimp to someone who feels responsible for Mi Jin Kim's daughter is gradual and convincing. The handling of the issue of politics getting in the way of justice was a little bit clumsily introduced.

The acting was excellent and the film was quite emotional especially towards the end. Some of the scenes are seriously brutal, but they are in keeping with the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the roller-coaster ride through the streets of Japan and the desperate race to save Mi Jin Kim and catch the horrific Young-min Jee.

Will definitely add this to my collection.
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Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by AndyJWS »

Was totally gripped to the point where I nearly forgot where I was and had to stop myself making comments out loud (not even to person next to me) on more than one occasion! Nicely shot, with a good sense of wit and that genuinely emotional killing :cry:

Great piece of work, definitely a DVD buy!
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by soulmining »

I really need to watch this again when I'm fully awake as I'm sure I'd appreciate it a lot more... as it was I was hitting a wall of tiredness at that point in the day and found it hard to concentrate. Again, very pleased that a film like this was in the line up, you can't beat a good Korean thriller!
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Running Zombie
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Post by scrobble »

This was great, didn't feel long to me at all and I was so desperate for them to find the girl in time after she'd managed to escape...I was cursing the woman in the store when she gave the game away.

I doubt that a remake would have the same dark feel to it and don't think I'd be interested in seeing it.
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