Scar 3D

The 2008 offerings once more walk among us.
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Post by lupogirl »

Agree with with quite a few of the comments regarding ghosting and lack of 3D use.

Was looking forward to seeing this. To blood splattering towards you and knives coming out the screen. But no!

Instead have a mediocre film with a cut price Michael Bien character which did not add anything we haven't seen before.

Wasted opportunity. I saw more use of 3D in Journey to the Centre of the Earth!
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Post by AndyJWS »

Hmm, I was getting ghosting more at the bottom than the top... maybe seating position played a part in some way?

Something that definitely did affect the whole 3D part was Cineworld's "let's ruin every film we show by having 700 times as much "emergency" lighting during the film as any other cinema, including lights directly over mid-row" (why?!) policy which not only destroyed the night scenes by spoiling contrast but also reflected off the inside of my glasses, causing ghosting by itself (tested by controlled winking :D) and of course headache...

Other than the cinema's attempts to spoil it, thought the 3D was quite good in places - I prefer depth to seeing things jumping out - and while the film wasn't one I'd jump to recommend to anyone it didn't do anything wrong per se and will probably do well as a wide release...
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Post by soulmining »

It was a fairly routine horror, I quite enjoyed it... but have to agree that the 3D on this release was quite poor - especially when compared to Journey (as others have mentioned) which looked fantastic in 3D.

It was only a matter of time before we got our first pair of breasts in 3D.

I've sent the photo of us all wearing our glasses to Ian so hopefully that will appear in the photo section soon!
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Post by Miikeyboypaines »

I found the 3D effect for the opening credits pretty effing incredible, but I haven't seen a film in 3D since 1983, so I have been deprived of such technical wizardry. However, the 3D effect itself was the only thing I could recommend about Scar.

I too had a couple of moments where the images blurred and ghosted, but there was a couple of beautiful moments in the woods, with the misty background and wintry foreground trees.

In fact, thinking about this has inspired me to go and nick my kids' Viewmaster, just to get another 3D fix!
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Post by scrobble »

Scar was OK, fairly generic but Angela Bettis is always good. I found I had a horrible headache at the end, though, and like others got a lot of ghosting.

It was hard to watch when there was a lot of movement, not sure the 3D quite worked in those scenes.
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Post by i-went-to-frightfest »

yes it wasnt the best 3D there has been, it wasnt taxing on the brain enjoyable in a saw kinda way
there was a long wait for this to start because of a late running hellboy 2 and what made me smile while waiting was seeing the people coming out of the cinema down the escalators to be suddenly confronted with the mass horde of people waiting in the foyer, the expresions on some of their faces were priceless
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Post by SheDevil »

Unfortunately the 'ghosting' was due to a technical problem with the digital print that they were unable to rectify for the FF screening. There will be all new digital drives for the theatrical release though, so there shouldn't be any more ghosting issues...
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Post by hacknslash »

i didn't like this film. it felt generic and predictable. i figured out who the killer was and there were to many flashbacks. squash it down to an hour and you could put it in the next season of masters of horror.
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Post by grzegorz »

have to admit that I quite enjoyed the 3D effects, although blurring annoyed me a bit. but the film itself was crap - dull story, wooden acting. if it wasn't for the gimmick it should be flushed down the toilet. i can't see any future in 3D movies - how many of them one can see? - staging the unnecessary scenes to get the effect, visuals over the plot etc. it's ok to watch such a movie once in a while, but I can't say I'm really looking forward to Aja's Piranha 3D 8)
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Post by PaulB »

Just bought the official 3D (red\green) DVD of this in Moscow. I'm looking forward to giving myself a headache watching this!
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Post by Dom »

Just got from seeing it. Weak. Very weak. Why was it in 3D??? Terrible waste of effort. I'm also fed up with villains being all cocky and arrogant during the finale. It serves nobody.
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