Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

The movies of 2010 still live
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Satans Puppy
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by Satans Puppy »

Another great event been and gone... Now suffering from post FF Blues as my Frightfest family are all in their respective corners of the country.

A stronger line up than last year that's for sure and the sneak peeks were a great addition too. I know they were pulled together at the last minute so thanks to Revolver, Pathe and the mighty organisational skills of the FF Boys.

HUZZAH!!! Roll on August.... I can't wait to see what's in the pipeline!!!

Please no more Giallo movies!!! :lol:

Thanks again to Ian, Paul, Alan & Greg.... and of course the guests who were very approachable this year :)

Specially Thanks to Ian and Paul for putting up with my Freebie grabbing, poster nabbing annoyingness :lol:
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Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Re: Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by MaxRenn »

No MORE giallo movies. Or better yet, just for Puppy find a giallo movie with Zombies in it! LOL.

Other than that, a hearty thank you to all the FF crew for a great event, and for continuing to make FF as much a social event as a film festival. Great to finally meet dangerous Jamie (even if I didn't manage to buy him the drink I promised, next time mate) and also to finally get the chance to be rude to Puppy's face.

Roll on August!!!
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Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Re: Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by Geishagirl »

Thanks to the FF Boys- was a top year, the guests and films ya lined up were great. It was a great weekend :) Ta! Now go chill out, you must all be exhausted! ;p
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Re: Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by kimblebee »

Yeah thanks for a great weekend guys - you really pulled this one out of the bag! Great lineup, fantastic guests, amazing preview footage of Black Death and Centurion and some pretty cool freebies (hope everyone got a Calendar!) :-)

I can't believe it's only just over 6 months (ok, nearly 7) until the big August FF :-) Can't wait!
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Re: Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by krispyg »

I know and i'm not here :(

Oh well there will be future events i'm sure!

Anyway back to the subject, a big thank you from me too for putting these events together and the effort and work that goes into making them happen.
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Re: Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by lupogirl »

Indeed thanks to the boys for a highly enjoyable weekend of films, guests and special footage from Dog House and Centurion.

Roll on August!!!!!! :D :D :D
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Running Zombie
Running Zombie
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Re: Thanks to the FF Boys... (Again)

Post by feggie »

Yes, thanks to everybody involved. From the frightfest boys to the staff member who did well in kicking out the drunk to the crowd who were as friendly as ever(with the exception of the 2 annoying drunks).

I thought about grabbing a pen and getting all the calendar people to sign their respective pages, there were a lot of you around. I stopped because it wouldn't have been incomplete without emily booth and richard street(these were the first two i could remember that weren't there i don't know what this says about me.)
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