Best and Worst Films of 2016

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Re: Best and Worst Films of 2016

Post by Critter Egg »

My top films of the fest (no particular order):

-Train to Busan
-The Master Clense
-The Devil's Candy
-Beyond the Gates
-Night of Something Strange

Also saw some gems in the short film showcases this year, my favourites were Pearlies, Gwilliam, Death Metal, The Babysitter Murders, No Touching and The Monster.

Special mention to Night of the Trampires as easily the best trailer / clip / preview of the weekend!

My worst films of the fest:

-Mercy (I found this really boring and I hated the repetition half way through)
-Cell (Rushed through all the set up from the book in favour of dragging out the long walking segments, and why did it need a 'choose your own ending'?)
-Downhill (Really messy)
-From a House on Willow Street (Disappointing. I got fed up with the repetition of a ghost appearing every time they turned a corner)
-Red Christmas (I love a seasonal horror, but this subject matter was way too heavy for a horror comedy. Also hated the sisters)
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Re: Best and Worst Films of 2016

Post by Alex J »

I had seen The Babysitter Murders previously and was very impressed. Glad to hear it's getting good feedback from Frightfesters too!
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Re: Best and Worst Films of 2016

Post by ThisisLukeOwen »

Diggler81 wrote:
ian wrote:
Persephone wrote: For me I kept waiting for Director's Cut to go much darker and it didn't... I'm not a delicate flower but watching the guys in my row laughing themselves senseless over a battered Missi Pyle crying in her undies while handcuffed and forced under a freezing hosepipe shower was just not really my cup of tea.
so you wanted it to be darker but then also found it too dark?

See I laughed at the fact the shower was just a shoddy hose connected to a cold tap which is as far from glamorous and sexy as it was in Blounts mind.
ThisisLukeOwen wrote:I'm also not sure that people were laughing because Missi Pyle was in her undies and forced to take a shower. That in itself is not funny. But in a comedy movie where its played for dark humour, the sheer madness and insanity of the scene in front of you can spark nervous laughter. Black comedy isn't for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.
I think the joke in that scene was where she was unrestrained, but wouldn't play ball for Blount's direction, followed by an immediate jump cut to her sitting tied in a chair taking a shower. But like everything in Director's Cut (like the whole film itself, in fact) they dragged the joke on too long.[/quote]

^Also this. Apart from the joke being dragged out which I don't agree with :lol:
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Re: Best and Worst Films of 2016

Post by NoneProuder »

Here's mine - best, in order:

1. Under the Shadow
2. Train to Busan
3. Pet
4. Another Evil
5. Found Footage 3D

Honourable mention - Egomaniac

Bottom 5 (out of the 21 films I saw, had to miss 4 on Saturday due to a 50th birthday party - and I have just found out I will miss the Halloween allnighter because of another one!):

17. Cell
18. Let's Be Evil - great idea, poor execution
19. From a House on Willow Street - jump scare, jump scare, jump scare ....... all with the same structure
20. Abattoir - just woeful, don't spend the whole budget on crap CGI so you need to use an abandoned steelworks/dock as a town set
21. Paranormal Drive - even making allowances for the google translate subtitles, it was dreadful

I enjoyed the hits more than I hated the misses, so I am a happy punter.
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Re: Best and Worst Films of 2016

Post by gazadams »

some really great films this year !
some of my best include-

Train to Bussan
Found Footage 3d
Let her out
white coffin
From a house on Willow st
Windmill massacre

least best-

Hostage to the Devil
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