The Duke Mitchell Party (No. 4)

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The Duke Mitchell Party (No. 4)

Post by TheDukeAbides » Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:26 am

Obviously not a film but it seems the cult of DM has arrived given that, according to Paul, by request it was put upstairs in the Prince Charles and then had to be stopped because there wasn't enough room, it was too hot, many people without tickets had just piled in and sadly many guests had to either leave or just stand on the stairs.

To be fair in all other incarnations the party worked because of the layout of the screen meant the screen, stage and audience were well spaced out and a partition of rows makes it easier to get crowd participation/throw out sweets.

After all the seating had been sorted it was back into the full, controlled chaos that I've come to expect.

Personally don't think it would work downstairs in PC because of the shape of the room, so if FF is staying at the Empire then another screen needs to be bartered for.

Either way, minor gripes as it was as entertaining as previous years, so thanks to all involved.

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Re: The Duke Mitchell Party (No. 4)

Post by MalJutley » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:21 am

Yes room issues aside I enjoyed this. Even tho the laptop kept crashing. Its always fun to have this in my agenda for frighlfest as it breaks up the festival well and we get to see some of the guests in a different light.

Last year at shepherds bush it worked well that was a decent screen size... I think that a similar screen like that could work...I do think those that come to this walk away enjoying it!

Great event as always!

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