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London Frightfest 2013 has been and gone, this forum is available to post film reviews, chat, etc. from the festival.
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Post by DJBenz » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:02 am

The Soapmaker wrote:I seem to recall that very early on videos didn't have BBFC certificates and they had to put stickers on them at a later date....?
The Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984 that stipulated all films sold or rented in the UK had to have a classification from the BBFC, so yeah there was a bit of a transition period when the previously unclassified video tapes (which were outside the remit of the pre-VRA classification laws) were stickered up rather then having properly printed covers. I'm pretty sure some video shop owners thought that sticking a little, round 18 sticker on Driller Killer was enough to circumvent the act. :lol:

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