Director: Juan Ortiz. With: Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Jeremy Gardner, Michael St. Michaels. Michael Richardson. USA 2019. 87 mins.


EUROPEAN PREMIERE - If you loved THE GREASY STRANGLER and AN EVENING WITH BEVERLY LUFF LINN, welcome to your new quirky and off-the-wall jam. Amanda has a finger-phobia and an abject loathing of all human strangeness. So she decides to read and take pointers from a recommended self-help book, Dr. Scotty’s ‘Follow Me: I Know The Way’. Meanwhile two hit men are hired by the mysterious Fox (Michael St. Michaels from GREASY) to cut the fingers off the mild, mannered Talky Panda to satisfy his lust for revenge. How they connect causes shocks to the system and the need to kill their fears.



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