FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER 2021 - 8.30 PM

Director: Charles Dorfman. 
With: Iwan Rheon, Tom Cullen, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Will Kemp. 
UK 2021. 90 mins.

UK PREMIERE -  First time director Charles Dorfman reveals his talent for Pinter-esque dialogue, multi-layered resonance and unsettling tone in this subtle shocker based around a birthday dinner party. Interweaving timely satirical commentary about modern masculinity, greed and social media influencer culture with the more brutal, violent and primal aspects of a home invasion chiller, ‘Game of Thrones’ star Iwan Rheon is the beta male who must rise up against alpha Tom Cullen as secrets are revealed, lives are ruined and chaos reigns. BARBARIANS with its deceptively simple initial premise wastes little time escalating into something altogether different, complex and horrifying.

Joining us for the screening will be director Charles Dorfman.