FRIDAY 27TH AUGUST 2021- 6.15 & 6.40 PM

Director: Michael Mongillo. 
With: Tony Todd, Clare Foley, Erik Bloomquist, Nina Wisner, Jason Alan Smith. 
USA 2021. 85 mins.

WORLD PREMIERE -  From Michael Mongillo, director of the FrightFest 2017 attraction DIANE. Something has taken possession of the hearts and minds of the city’s population. At first, Mac, Kim and Jane try to convince themselves they’re wrong. They’re not. An alien intelligence has merged with their neighbour, Bill (Horror Icon Tony Todd), setting into motion a desperate struggle for the survival of humanity. Soon, the entire city is overwhelmed by the inhuman horror of the changed, but it won’t stop there! And the trio cross every line imaginable to save themselves from the horde of body snatchers gathering outside their suburban home.