FRIDAY 27TH AUGUST 2021 - 8.50 PM

Director: Marcus Harben. 
With: Tanya Burr, Harry Jarvis, Nina Wadia, Loreece Harrison, ‚ÄčErin Austen. 
UK 2021. 84 mins.  

WORLD PREMIERE A found-footage horror set in the cut-throat world of social media influencers. Four very different students move into a house suffering the usual social, financial and sexual anxieties that come with this exciting experience. They soon realise they are sharing their flat with a vengeful ghost from the 1990s called Dawn and she wins them millions of followers on social media. The big-money sponsorship deals quickly follow and greed becomes more powerful than fear. But the media attention awakens an old evil far more deadly than any ghost and the students must face the deadly consequences of their actions.